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Dark Circles Tips & Tricks

Dark Circles Tips & Tricks

Most of us know it - here a few hours too less sleep, a bit of stress there and maybe the nutrition is not quite as perfect. Situations in which we all come from time to time and often, in the form of dark circles, leave a rather undesirable visitor. But what to do when we smile in the mirror to the dark eye shadow in the morning? I'll show you some useful tips and tricks today on how to get rid of dark circles instantly and permanently.

SOS tips

When darker eye circles require urgent remedies, Color Correcting and Concealer are a true miracle weapon! First, you put on the corrector and then the favorite concealer under the eyes. When choosing the correct color Corrector worth a look at the color theory, because so-called complementary colors are the key to an even complexion. Complementary colors are colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel. If you place these colors next to each other, you get a contrast - but if you layer them, they neutralize each other! With bluish eye circles are therefore yellow Corrector ideal! For darker skin tones, a corrector with an orange tone can also be used. You can find them in our shop for example from LA Girl and Revolution! A small amount of corrector is already sufficient in most cases. This is supposed to compensate only the color and not necessarily cover, because this step takes over the concealer. Which one you use depends entirely on your personal preferences - but it is advisable to set the highest opacity. As a result, you'll need to use less product and reduce the chance that the concealer and corrector will form too thick a layer and look cakey. The Concealer from the Close Up collection by Nabla is ideal because it is very strong pigmented and creamy.

Long-term solutions

If the dark shadows are not uncommon, but persist, it pays to tackle the root causes instead of covering them. As described above, the formation of dark circles has diverse origins. Lack of sleep is probably one of the best known causes. Try to get enough sleep as often as possible. To make your sleep especially relaxing, set up your sleeping place as comfortably as possible. It can help turn off electronic devices and use a soothing room fragrance. Even habits such as smoking or regular drinking can support darker eye circles. A healthy and balanced diet full of nutrients, however, is a real miracle weapon against tired skin! Also on the proper care of your lower eye area is to attach importance. Rich eye creams are perfect to care for this rather sensitive part of the face. Our skin is thinner around the eyes, which is why a treatment that is specially tailored to this lot can do wonders.  Of Ziaja you will find a variety of eye creams for every skin type. For example, the Marine Algae Cream is perfect for dry skin over 30!

No matter if quick remedy or long-term changes - there are many ways to make our dark circles disappear. It should not be forgotten, however, that probably each of us has at least once woke up with dark eye circles and this is something completely normal and human for which no one needs to be ashamed. There is always the option to rock your dark circles at any time.


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