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Barry M Cosmetics was founded in 1982 in London, UK, by Barry Mero. In the early '80s, Barry had a number of retail outlets in London, selling cosmetics and everything related to beauty. The fashion was made for dramatic make-up looks, but he found that no one produced the exciting and vivid colors that his customers really wanted. So in June 1982 he created the Barry M cosmetics collection. Barry M soon became a cult name in the field of color cosmetics. Thanks to Barry M you could make a real fashion statement, in which you emphasize his fashion look perfectly with his makeup! Barry M offers a unique blend of high quality, non-animal and sometimes even vegan trend products at affordable prices.

Everything for Makeup

Barry M has everything you need for a great eye make-up. Super beautiful eyeshadow palettes in a fresh design with gorgeous colors. Glittering eyeshadow powder for a very special finish or creamy eyeshadow pens for easy and quick handling. Eyeliners and co. Offer Barry M in a variety of bright colors and once again prove his special color cosmetics. To complete the eye make-up Barry M offers great mascaras from classic black to extravagant glitter lashes in different colors. Do you want to have very expressive eyelashes? Then take a look at our online shop for the large selection of artificial eyelashes. We have the right fake lashes for every taste and occasion. Whether Contouring, strobing or just a classic make-up. Barry M has the right products for you and your skin type. Primers that balance redness at the very beginning and make your foundation more durable. Foundation that leaves no stains visible and also has a pleasant feel on the skin. For the final there are different powders, bronzer and highlighter. Extra contour kits make the trend of contouring child's play and give your face the shape you want. And best of all, all Barry M products are animal-free and can save your wallet.

Ready to color, set, go!

Now it gets colorful. The lipsticks and nail Polish of Barry M are unparalleled. The huge range of colors can probably nothing to be desired. A special highlight in the range is the Lipstick Genius . His appearance is in a bright green that turns on the lips to an individual Pink. By always new selection of gorgeous nail polishes you can perfectly underline any look. The nail polishes are easy to apply and last. Thanks Barry M you can your imagination run wild and go with every trend.


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