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What is the Beauty Blender?

The Beauty Blender is a classic makeup sponge. The sponge was developed by the makeup artist Rea Ann Silva is a professional and non-porous finish at creating application of foundation, concealer, powder or other products. The Beauty Blender is made from a foamed plastic / resin based on polyurethane. In addition, it is latex-free and has no seams, so that especially sensitive skin can be happy. Due to the special egg shape with tip, it also reaches the places that a conventional cosmetic brush or even your own fingers do not reach (for example on the nose or under the eyes). In our online shop you will find great makeup products to fade with the makeup egg for example of essence , Catrice Makeup Revolution , W7 and many more.

How can I use the Beautyblender?

The Beauty Blender can be used both dry and wet. Both versions are suitable for different product groups. When applying the Foundation recommended as the moist variant since it saves a lot of product. The makeup egg can be moistened in two ways: simply dip the makeup sponge in water, the blender will then gain some of its size, then you push it out thoroughly. You can also use a towel. Alternatively, you can moisten only a portion, if you only want to use this. By moistening the Beautyblenders, for example, quick-drying foundation stays moisturized for a bit longer and the application becomes easier. The beautyblender can also be used dry. This can lead to the beauty blender receiving more product than it gives off at the end. When applying powder or similar, the dry version is preferable.

How to clean the Beautyblender?

It is recommended to clean the beauty blender after each use to prevent the spread of pimple-causing bacteria. There are both liquid and solid cleaners from the Beautyblender brand. The liquid Blendercleanser works much like brushing with shampoo. First, the make-up egg is completely wet with lukewarm water. Afterwards you put a small amount of the beautycleaner on the palm and dab the cosmetic sponge in the cleaner. Then squeeze the sponge a few times and let it run some water over the sponge. This is done until the effluent water is clear. The solid Blendercleanser, the so-called Solid Cleanser is the newer version for cleaning makeup sponges. Even with the fixed version you moisturize the beauty blender completely with water. When it is completely wet, squeeze all the water out and rub the beautyblender over the cleaner in a circle. Then you squeeze it a few times, similar to the liquid cleaning option, allowing water to run over the sponge. This too is done until the water stays clear. Which of the two cleaning methods is the better one is a matter of taste. It is only important to clean your beauty egg regularly, so you enjoy it for a long time.


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