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Halloween Look bunter Totenkopf

How to make up a simple Halloween special effects makeup

On Halloween the makeup should look especially great. A nice costume, special effects and wounds made of fake blood, latex and modelling wax make the look especially creepy and scary. Halloween, it falls on the same date as Reformation Day, gives you the opportunity to live out your life completely with make-up, be it as witch, vampire, bucket or zombie. On many blogs and on Youtube you can find numerous make-up instructions and ideas that show how to make up a great Halloween make-up. The make-ups from these Youtube tutorials are often very elaborate, consist of many steps and are rather meant for professionals. But your costume doesn't need much effort to look scary beautiful. With our make-up tips and ideas you will easily achieve the perfect Halloween horror make-up. Especially with theatre blood you can achieve a spooky result. Whether on the mouth, body or face.

Here Vanessa shows you how to make up a SFX horror makeup for Halloween with a cut throat. For this look you don't need much make-up, just wax or latex, foundation, red eye shadow, fake lashes, fake blood and a product for the lips

Buy Halloween makeup cheap at kosmetik4less

In our shop you will find makeup and color for face and body for the perfect Halloween SFX makeup. Discover practical make-up sets, theatre blood, eye shadow and fake lashes for that special day now at kosmetik4less. Not only from providers like Horrorklinik, but also from us, very cheap SFX make-up is available. The bright colors can also be used for child make-up. Especially children have a sensitive skin, here you should pay special attention to skin-friendly ingredients. You will find the right inspiration for your transformation on our blog and on our social media channels. Whether it's a gunshot wound to the face or the transformation into a creepy witch or a pumpkin, in our online shop you will find everything you need for your horror make-up.

Discover even more tutorials and tips on how to create your own Halloween makeup:

Coloured skull
Halloween eye make Up

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