Haircare- The perfect conditioner 

Not only our skin needs regular care, our hair should also look healthy and soft. And to achieve this, they must be thoroughly and regularly cared for. After you have found your perfect shampoo, you can now start looking for your perfect conditioner. The conditioner provides your hair with rich ingredients and leaves a velvety and smooth feeling on your hair. It protects the hair from external environmental influences, gives it strength and balances out fine irregularities in the cuticle layer. In addition, when using a conditioner, the formation of split ends is reduced and less moisture can escape from the hair. As the hair is easier to comb, hair damage during untangling can be easily avoided. After shampooing your hair as usual, put a hazelnut-sized portion of the conditioner in the palm of your hand and start massaging it into your ends. Spare the hairline when applying the conditioner, as this is where the hair is well supplied with sebum and too much conditioner can weigh it down and take away its volume. Now let the conditioner work into your hair for 3-4 minutes and then rinse it out with lukewarm water. The result is perfectly groomed hair that can be combed easily and quickly. Ziaja, as well as Kallos Cosmetics offer you a wide range of conditioners at Kosmetik4less, including olive oil and cocoa butter. The goat milk conditioner from Ziaja, for example, is best suited for dry, damaged and dull hair. It contains keratin, an important hair building block, as well as goat's milk proteins, which ensure that the hair is built up, gains flexibility and is effectively protected against split ends. At Kosmetik4less we offer conditioners in the form of hair conditioners and care sprays. Let yourself be inspired by the numerous products with which you can optimize your hair care routine and find the conditioner that best suits you and your hair type. 


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