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Ziaja - Goat's Milk Shampoo
Goat's Milk Shampoo
(€0.73 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Cashmere Proteins Strengthening Shampoo
Cashmere Proteins Strengthening Shampoo
(€0.97 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Argan and Tsubaki Oils Smoothing Shampoo
Argan and Tsubaki Oils Smoothing Shampoo
(€0.97 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Cocoa Butter Smoothing Shampoo
Cocoa Butter Smoothing Shampoo
(€0.73 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Silk Proteins Shampoo
Silk Proteins Shampoo
(€0.93 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - fig shampoo for normal hair
fig shampoo for normal hair
(€0.58 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - sunflower shampoo for colour-treated hair
sunflower shampoo for colour-treated hair
(€0.58 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Cupuacu Shower Balm Face/Body/Hair
Cupuacu Shower Balm Face/Body/Hair
(€1.30 * / 100 ml)

Shampoo for all hair types at Kosmetik4less

Not only our skin needs regular care, but also our hair should look healthy and soft. The type of hair plays an important role in the cleaning of the hair, which is determined by the hair structure and the thickness of the hair. In order to achieve an effective cleaning of the hair from dirt, oil and residues of styling products, a shampoo should be chosen that suits your hair type. If you tend to have hair that becomes greasy quickly and is not very voluminous, we recommend a shampoo that is very gentle to the scalp. Oily hair, regardless of skin type, can also result from too much cleansing, as the hair dries out quickly and the scalp is strained. A light shampoo that provides a lot of moisture is very suitable for oily scalp, normal and slightly dry hair. It prevents the hair from drying out and gives the hair suppleness and a healthy shine. If you suffer from very dry hair, there are special, intensive shampoos for this purpose, whose oils rebuild the hair and provide it with nutrients. The Polish brand Ziaja offers you a range of shampoos that can be optimally adapted to your hair type and hair structure. No matter if coloured or natural hair, the right care will be there for you. From goat's milk to Natural Olive and Cocoa Butter Shampoos, there are no limits to your possibilities. Massage the shampoo into your wet hair for 1-2 minutes, then rinse it out with lukewarm water and use a suitable conditioner, which you can also buy at Kosmetik4less. Ziaja offers great shampoos with nourishing ingredients at a low price. The cocoa butter shampoo for example is ideal for dry hair. The scalp is gently cleaned and the hair is provided with a lot of moisture. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of possibilities that are given to you in the shop at Kosmetik4less and find your perfect hair care routine.


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