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Ziaja - Cashmere Proteins & Amaranth Oil Velvet Shine Serum
Cashmere Proteins & Amaranth Oil Velvet Shine...
(€8.58 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Cashmere & Amaranth Oils Duophase Hair Conditioner Strengthening Spray
Cashmere & Amaranth Oils Duophase Hair...
(€3.43 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Cupuacu Crystalline Dry Oil Face/Body/Hair
Cupuacu Crystalline Dry Oil Face/Body/Hair
(€5.75 / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Argan and Tsubaki Oils Smoothing Hair Serum
Argan and Tsubaki Oils Smoothing Hair Serum
(€8.58 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Argan & Tsubaki Oils Duophase Hair Conditioner Smoothing Spray
Argan & Tsubaki Oils Duophase Hair Conditioner...
(€3.43 * / 100 ml)
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Kallos Cosmetics - LAB35 Finishing Spray
LAB35 Finishing Spray
(€1.82 * / 100 ml)
5,45* €7.79 *
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Buy hair styling products and care online at kosmetik4less

Do you fancy a change? Then the hairstyling products at Kosmetik4less are just right for you. The hair tones of I Heart Makeup are perfectly suitable for a short-term type change. Whether pink, green or purple, there are no limits to your creativity. In addition, Ziaja has a lot of hair care products such as hair serums, which make the hair smooth and shiny. You can fix your hair with one of the many hairsprays in our shop. Let yourself be inspired on Kosmetik4less and find your suitable hair styling products.

The right care after styling

Not only our skin needs regular care, but also our hair should look healthy and radiant. To achieve this, they must be thoroughly and regularly cared for. Our hair must be able to withstand quite a lot. We comb them, try out great hairstyles with lots of hairspray and hair gel of course, stress them with heat by simply blow-drying or for beautiful curls and extra smoothness. Our hair is strained daily and therefore needs the right care. Especially through heat your hair becomes brittle and the moisture is withdrawn from it. At kosmetik4less you will find a large selection of products that protect against heat. In our assortment you can find different hair shampoos, hair masks, hair conditioners that make your fancy looks possible without damaging your hair.

Our favourite products at a glance for you

Ziaja - Haarpflegespray - Argan & Tsubaki Oils ♥ I Heart Makeup - Rainbow Paste - Pink Cloud ♥ Kallos Cosmetics - Haarspray - Beach Spray ♥


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