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Single eyelashes from Catrice

Would you like an even stronger effect for your lashes or would you just like to try something new? Then the single eyelashes from Catrice are just right for you. They can be made from synthetic, elastic synthetic fibres or from real hair. The advantage of real hair lashes is that they often look more valuable and natural than those made of synthetic hair. Single lashes, i.e. lashes that are not attached to a continuous band, are available as Flare Lashes and as Single Lashes. The Flare Lashes are also called tuft lashes, because here several single lashes are joined and knotted together at the end as a tuft in a fan shape. The Single Lashes on the other hand are single lashes, where each lash is glued on separately. In our cosmetic online shop you will find a nice selection of different single lashes by Catrice.


How do I apply artificial single lashes correctly?

Single lashes are attached with a different adhesive than eyelash tapes, because they are not attached to the eyelid but to the natural lashes. Furthermore, at a few weeks, the wearing time of single lashes is much longer than that of eyelash tapes, so the adhesive must be extremely durable. This eyelash adhesive is waterproof, so that the lash extension is not washed out during the first shower or wash. To remove this glue you will therefore need a special remover, namely an eyelash extension remover.


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