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Buy empty pallets from Catrice online at kosmetik4less

At kosmetik4less you will find a variety of empty pallets from Catrice in different sizes, which you can put together yourself. The eyeshadow palette is just as important for a great look as the foundation, so it should not be missing in your beauty collection. Beautiful colours, nuances, textures, gaudy, colourful, rather subtle or especially radiant? A complete palette offers many advantages but also disadvantages. Once bought, you are provided with beautiful colors, but you often only use a few favorite colors from the palette. Buying your favourite colours again is almost impossible. That's where the empty palettes come into play. They are available magnetic or with small eye shadow pans that are pressed into the empty pallet. The mono eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters or whatever your heart desires can be bought easily. So you can decide for yourself what your favourite colours are and in which combination you want to add them individually to your empty palette. Empty pallets are also ideal for travelling if you don't have space for all your pallets. So you always have your must-haves with you and save a lot of space. Fill and swap as much as you want and have everything in one pallet for your individual, wonderful beauty look. 


Monolium shadows are versatile and flexible

You don't have to use single eyelid shadows only as eye shadow, they can also be used as rouge, lip color, eyebrow powder, bronzer or highlighter. For example, if you want your lips to match your eye look perfectly, you can simply apply the Monolium Shadows to your lips and finally seal them with a Lip gloss and you're done with the coordinated look.

 Discover a wide range of Catrice empty pallets at Kosmetik4less online at low prices.


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