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Mascara is part of the most popular makeup products. It is one of the easiest ways to give a more prominent expression to the face and to accentuate the eyes. Depending on which mascara is used and how it is applied, there are many different results to achieve. From natural to dramatic, kosmetik4less offers a great variety of mascaras for every need and occasion as well as primers and caring products to prepare the lashes. Mascaras from Makeup Revolution, W7, Catrice, essence and many other brands are available in our online shop. Whether classy in black, a natural brown or excitingly colorful – Mascara is available in all the varieties you can imagine. 

Different Types of Mascara – Volume, Length or Curl?

Different Mascaras achieve different results. Wheter you want longer lashes, more volume or just some more definition – Your wishes will be fulfilled with all the products offered in our shop. Finding the perfect mascara often just happens through trying out different ones, because all lashes are different and thus have different needs to target. Within the huge selection of products you will surely find your perfect fit! With the right mascara your eyes seem bigger and more defined. But when choosing a product it is not just about the name or its claims about how it works, but the type of brush. Most mascaras have a regular brush with many long bristles that separate the lashes and give volume to them. But this kind of applicator tends to put rather less product on the lashes at a time, which results in the mascara drying faster and applying more layers can make it seem dry and flaky. Also this makes it more likely for tiny mascara particles to loosen and collect under the eyes. Another kind of brush is the one made from plastic with shorter and less bristles that give much length and definition to the lashes. This brush tends to apply a lot of product at a time which can result in lashes sticking together and thus looking less voluminous. Often combining two mascaras is the perfect solution: a mascara with a plastic brush applies a good amount of product and creates more length while the one with a classic brush separates the lashes and makes them look more voluminous. Of course this is just a helpful option, there is no need to use several mascaras when the perfect one is already found.

Moreover there are some tips and tricks that will make the application of mascara much easier, especially for beginners. First, the mascara is put to the base of the lashes to then brush them all the way through the tips. Whether to use straight or zig-zag-motions depends on personal preference. The important thing is to cover the lashes completely with product, so there are no significant gaps. Also the shortest lashes in the inner corner of the eye as well as the ones at the outer corner should not be forgotten. Depending on personal taste and desired look, the bottom lashes can be coated too. If that is still not enough, there is a bunch of false eyelashes by lenilash or Red Cherry to choose from. 

Waterproof Mascara – Perfect Lashes in Every Situation

A trip to the beach, dancing in the rain or sweating while playing sports: with waterproof mascara there is no need to worry about imperfect lashes. Waterproof mascara contains waxes and other hydrophobic ingredients that do not wash away with water. The application of waterproof mascara is the same as with regular mascara, but being careful and neatly applying the product helps a lot because the removal of small mistakes is not as easy. Waterproof mascara also often dries faster which gives less time to perfectly shape the lashes. Besides that, completely removing waterproof mascara after a day of wearing is very important, because residues can damage the lashes. With an oil-containig makeup remover, that you can find in our cosmetics online shop, the lashes are easily cleaned and freed from all dirt and makeup residues. 

Discover Colorful and Glittery Mascara at kosmetik4less

Besides Mascaras in classic black, there are many more options offered in our shop. For example brown mascara creates beautiful natural looks for a simple makeup look or a no-makeup-makeup. But also bright colors and even glitter can be applied to the lashes when using the right mascara. For either special occasions or even an everyday look you can draw some more attention to the eyes with extraordinary mascara without it seeming overwhelming. Just coat the tips of the lashes, the bottom lashes for a little pop of color or even the whole lashes with a special mascara for creating an interesting look.


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