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 False eyelashes from Eylure

False Eyelashes or also false eyelashes are really trendy. They give the eyes more expressive and are the highlight of the eye makeup. your lashes code With the false eyelashes longer and have more volume than even a very good mascara ever could. With artificial eyelashes these first of two basic forms: The permanent eyelash extensions with lashes or with simple eyelash strips . In our online shop can be discounted lashes bands online, as well as different individual eyelashes of the brand Eylure.

What are eyelash strips of Eylure?

eyelash strips of Eylure are the easiest method of eyelash extensions and can look very natural, but also quite striking. The Wimpernbänder of Eylure be pasted directly on the eyelid above the lash line. They are available in different lengths and different styles, so that for every eye shape and cause the ideal artificial eyelashes can be found. Both for the natural look, but also a bit flashier for weddings, parties, photo shoots and also for the costume for carnival and carnival you find the perfect eyelashes from Eylure at How long can I keep the Fake Lashes? Keep the false eyelashes, depending on adhesive, usually the whole day or possibly even the whole night. For safety's sake you still controlled from the seat of Lashes and in the mirror. Who wants to buy the cheap eyelash strips of Eylure is right kosmetik4less.

Are there lashes by Eylure?

Yes, in our online shop, there are also Einzelwimpern of the brand Eylure. For permanent eyelash extensions the eyelashes tapes are not suitable because they need to be replaced daily. For a semi-permanent eyelash extension, there are special lashes . The clump lashes are glued in between the real lashes and so achieve a beautiful and natural result.

How can I glue the false eyelashes?

In addition to the right technology and a good preparation the most important thing when attaching the Fake eyelashes from Eylure is a good Wimpernkleber. Here can also be distinguished specifically between eyelash glue for eyelash extensions with lashes and glue for eyelash strips. The adhesive specifically for eyelash strips is less strong and gentle to the skin. Single eyelash adhesive, for example of the brand Ardell, glued considerably stronger than the single eyelash extensions should keep several weeks and do not dissolve even upon contact with water. For allergy sufferers the following is important: In many eyelash adhesives Latex is included, which can trigger allergies. However, there are latex free eyelash adhesive. Among other things, the brand offers to DUO a latex free eyelash adhesive. Remove

How Fake eyelashes again?

The Eylure eyelash strips can be very easy to remove by deducting them carefully. In the individual lashes, you need a suitable Wimpern-Entferner or Remover. Den you give to a cotton pad and streichst order from top to bottom about your lashes until all artificial eyelashes are removed. but you should not impress too much and drag, since you otherwise uproot you your real lashes. The Eylure lashes bands can use with a little care, more often! You have to pull it off carefully from the eye and then remove the eyelash glue on the lashes band thoroughly. Then let them dry in the air and keep it until the next use in the packaging or a small jar (there are also special eyelashes doses) on.

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