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The Fixing Spray 1x1 by kosmetik4less

Fixing spray and setting spray - where is the difference?

Both words are often used synonymously, with two completely different products behind them. Actually, the name tells us exactly where the difference between the two is. Setting sprays help to combine the individual components of your make-up, such as powder and cream products, to create a fresh and even complexion. Many settings sprays also contain caring components. The best example of this is the Essence Skincare Spray by Revolution, which can be ideally used as a setting spray. Fixing sprays also connect the individual steps of your look to each other - but at the same time they also fix your makeup. If you are looking for a product that significantly increases the durability of the make-up, it is better to use a fixing spray instead.

Which spray is suitable for which skin type?

Fixing sprays are now available in a variety of variants - because you quickly lose the overview and the selection of the right spray is a headache. With a few simple questions, you can quickly find out what your perfect match is!

1. What type of skin do I have?

The Fixing Spray to suit your skin type can perfect your look in no time! For oily skin it helps to reach for a matt fixing spray. In addition to your base products, matte sprays help to matt your look over the long term and prevent the skin from fatting fast. For dry skin types Fixing sprays with moisturizing components are suitable. For example, the Hyaluronic Fixing Spray by Revolution contains hyaluronic acid and helps to keep moisture in the skin.

2. What finish would I like?

Matt, natural, or rather glowy? The possibilities are almost endless and your personal wishes are almost unlimited! Even oily skin types may want a glowy complexion. You can freely choose your personal finish according to your taste. Whether you choose your fixing spray according to your skin type or the desired finish, it is up to you. Remember, however, that even with oily skin, a fixing spray that has a natural finish is enough to give it a glowy look!

Fixing sprays can be used very multifunctional. Spray a small amount on your eyeshadow or highlighter brush to intensify the pigment of your products and prevent fallout, especially with coarser metallic tones. Your beauty blender can also be refreshed with a spray! Spray on your blender a thin layer and go over your foundation, your concealer or other cream products, to extend the shelf life and make your base even more even. Of course you can refresh your makeup during the day with a Fixing Spray and make it look like new again. Fixing sprays can be the right lifesaver for your makeup. Browse through our Fixing Spray category to find your perfect match!


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