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A long-term hair replacement is the solution when your own hair falls out or does not grow back at all due to illness, medication or genetics. The loss of hair is not only visually noticeable, but can also greatly affect the mind. A wig that is as natural as possible is the perfect option to conceal this apparent flaw. However, not only for hair loss, human hair wigs are also ideal for a temporary style change.

In the large selection of wigs in our store you will find both human hair wigs and wigs made of synthetic hair. Wigs made of human hair are particularly high quality, durable and are very suitable as a long-term hair replacement. They look very natural, fall like naturally grown hair and can be styled as desired. In our shop you can find different cuts, lengths and colors that can be customized.

The advantages of wigs made of human hair

The biggest advantage of human hair wigs over wigs made of synthetic hair is obvious: the wig looks very natural and is therefore less noticeable. If it is also made of high quality, there is often no difference at all between the wig and naturally grown hair. Wigs made of synthetic hair can imitate the look of real hair, but still never look 100% real. So if you don't want people to notice that you're wearing an artificial hair replacement, a human hair wig is the perfect choice.

In addition to the natural look, the versatile styling is a big plus for human hair wigs. If the wig is made of real hair, it can also be styled almost exactly like real hair, allowing for a large amount of variation. Blow drying, straightening or curling with styling tools still remain possible and allow for a variety of different hairstyles. Many synthetic hair wigs, on the other hand, may not be treated with heat at all, others only within certain temperatures and with limited variety. With good care, a human hair wig will last many years to decades, this puts the initial high purchase cost into perspective. The appropriate care products for wigs, such as shampoo, conditioner and products for hair styling can also be found at

Why do human hair wigs look so natural?

An important factor for the natural look of a wig is the way it is made. It depends on the tying technique of the hair. The hairs are individually attached to a special fabric, and if the quality is good, they look like real hair. Many human hair wigs have a so-called Lace Front, which allows for a natural-looking parting and hairline. This lace front consists of a thin, almost transparent tulle fabric, which has a minimal coloring in the according skin color. On this fabric the hairs are knotted individually in an irregular pattern. When the wig with lace front lies on the skin, the tulle fabric is as if invisible and only the hairs are visible. A special coating on the surface also conceals an unnatural shine.
However, this great advantage also has an important disadvantage. In order for the tulle to be as invisible as possible, it must be made very thin and fine. The base of the wig can be very fragile and must be handled with great care. Excessive stress could damage the Lace Front, deforming it as it now no longer rests completely on the scalp and the tulle becomes visible. However, with proper care and ideal storage, the human hair wig will remain beautiful for many years and give a great wearing experience that looks almost perfectly natural.
Another factor for a natural look is the often used Remy real hair. This refers to a special quality standard in which the human hair is always attached in the correct direction of growth. This process is very laborious, but also ensures a high-quality result and is definitely worth the money. Different wigs made of human hair and Remy human hair from Jon Renau you can buy now in our store.


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