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Buy false eyelashes from Kiss online at kosmetik4less

The Kiss brand is now the largest manufacturer and distributor of professional, high-quality nail products in the world and now represented in over 90 countries, including Germany. Today, eyelash lovers will also find high-quality false eyelashes at Kiss. The modern brand offers a huge selection of artificial eyelashes, suitable for every occasion. Fake eyelashes have become an indispensable part of the beauty world and give the eye a voluminous and strong expression. They also add an icing on the cake of glamour to the eye makeup. They condense the eyelashes, make them appear longer, and all this with little effort. In our online shop you can discover a beautiful selection of inexpensive, high-quality False Lashes in different styles from Kiss. You can easily order the most beautiful Kiss eyelashes online at kosmetik4less. High quality eyelash ribbons for a great look of Kiss Kiss offers besides single eyelashes a wide range of eyelash ribbons. Strip lashes are the easiest way to extend your eyelashes and create a very natural, slightly more eye-catching or dramatic look. The false lash bands are available in different lengths and sizes. So you can find the right pair of eyelashes for every eye shape and every occasion. Whether for a discreet everyday look, a wedding or a similar event, trendy party or photo shootings - with the fake lashes from Kiss you are prepared for every situation. Do you wish for a particularly voluminous look? Then the True Volume Lashes Ritzy with Pumped-up Effect by Kiss are just the right pair. The superimposed real hair eyelashes compress your own eyelashes and effectively fill gaps. The thin band is hardly visible after gluing and can be easily concealed with a black eyeliner. For all those who prefer a discreet and natural look, the false eyelash bands from Kiss's Looks So Natural Lashes collection are ideal. They are particularly pleasant and light as a feather to wear. So you quickly forget that you are wearing false eyelashes. The Shy model is suitable for particularly discreet looks. The neatly arranged eyelash hairs are very finely crafted and fill your own eyelashes for a natural look. The fine, black band creates a discreet eyelid line, which can be reinforced with an eyeliner as desired. The Sultry model is also a beautiful choice for a natural look. The thin eyelash hairs are arranged very neatly and fill discreetly gaps between the real eyelashes. The thin band is inconspicuous and hardly visible. Perfect for a natural everday look. Who wants to buy the cheap lashes from Kiss is absolutely right with kosmetik4less.


How can you apply the artificial eyelash bands from Kiss?

The right eyelash glue is crucial for the application of false eyelash tapes. In our shop you will find a wide range of eyelash glue for artificial eyelash tapes from the popular brand DUO. It offers six water soluble eyelash mascara in different sizes. There are dark and light adhesives. The advantage of light eyelash adhesives is that they dry transparently and are no longer visible. This is especially practical because small adhesive residues are hardly visible. Integrated applicators simplify the application of the eyelash glue on the eyelash tape. Once you have found the right eyelash glue, you are ready to apply it. To glue the False Lashes on, a lash applicator, for example from lenilash, can be used. This makes it particularly easy to grasp the lash and position it on the lash line. Since the lash bands are produced in a uniform size, you can shorten them with nail scissors at the outer end of the band. Now spread a small amount of the eyelash glue on the tape and let it dry for 30-60 seconds. Now the eyelash on the eyelid can be positioned close to the lash line. If used correctly, the eyelash bands will last a whole day or night. The Kiss Eyelash Tapes can be easily removed due to the water-soluble eyelash glue by simply pulling them off carefully. Special care should be taken to avoid damaging or pulling out your eyelashes. For a painless and gentle removal the eyelash glue can be dissolved with some makeup remover or warm water. If the wrong eyelash bands from Kiss are properly cared for and cleaned, they can even be used several times. All Kiss eyelash bands can be ordered at kosmetik4less.


Kiss eyelash tapes properly maintain and clean

In order for you to be able to reuse the high-quality eyelash bands from Kiss, thorough and regular cleaning after each wear is indispensable. There are two options for cleaning the False Eyelashes. Which you use depends on the type of soiling. If after removing the Kiss eyelash tapes only small residues of eyelash glue and mascara remain, they can easily be wiped off with a small cotton swab. With a pair of tweezers you can carefully peel off any glue residue from the tape. For more stubborn mascara and eyelash glue residues, this first method is no longer sufficient. But you can help with a little eye makeup remover and water. Most mascaras and eyelash glue are water soluble, so you only need to keep the cotton swab under warm water. Now all remnants can be removed. Especially if the artificial eyelashes are not cared for regularly or are treated too much with mascara, a longer, more thorough cleaning cannot be avoided. To do this, take a small container filled with water and some eye makeup remover and place the artificial eyelash bands in it. It is best to leave them on for at least two hours or overnight. The longer the application time, the easier it is to carefully remove the adhesive residues with a pair of tweezers. With a lash brush you can remove the remaining mascara and brush the lashes back into shape. When the lash bands are completely dry, you can keep them in their packaging until you wear them again.


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