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LASplash Cosmetics - Crystallized Glitter - Mai Tai
Crystallized Glitter - Mai Tai
(€9.99 / 1 Stück)
LASplash Cosmetics - Crystallized Glitter - Dark Star
Crystallized Glitter - Dark Star
(€9.99 / 1 Stück)
LASplash Cosmetics - Body Liner - proArtist - Royal
Body Liner - proArtist - Royal
(€9.99 / 1 Stück)
LASplash Cosmetics - Crystallized Glitter - Hawaiian Fizz
Crystallized Glitter - Hawaiian Fizz
(€9.99 / 1 Stück)
LASplash Cosmetics - Crystallized Glitter - Adios MF
Crystallized Glitter - Adios MF
(€9.99 / 1 Stück)
LASplash Cosmetics - Diamond Dust Mineral Shadow - Gravity
Diamond Dust Mineral Shadow - Gravity
(€10.25 / 1 Stück)

Shop La Splash Cosmetics online at Kosmetik4less

The brand LA Splash Cosmetics released in 1996. The goal was to give everyone access to colorful and high-quality cosmetics. All LA Splash products are cruelty free, gluten free and some of the products also contain no parabens. With its extensive research, innovative product development, low prices and high quality, LA Splash competes with many other companies. The Liquid Lipsticks, Glitters, Liners and False Lashes can now be ordered at low prices from kosmetik4less.de.

Perfect Lips with LA Splash

Above all, LASplash's Liquid Lipsticks have gained great popularity thanks to their high quality and wide color spectrum. They are available in different finishes, from matt to glossy. The choice of colors ranges from natural tones suitable for everyday use, to dark and eye-catching colors for the evening, to very unusual, colorful colors for very special occasions. The liquid lipsticks are also waterproof and extremely long-lasting. In our cosmetics online shop you will find all bestselling lip products from La Splash at low prices.

The Wickedly Divine Liquid-to-Matte Liquid Lipsticks, a very popular LA Splash product line, have a smooth texture and feel. Due to the velvet matte formulation, they feel very soft on the lips and at the same time impress with opaque color and a long-lasting finish. The light formulation can be built in their intensity, without losing quality. The Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks not only promise high quality standards, they are also very affordable. In addition to the popular Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks, all other liquid lipsticks from LA Splash are highly recommended. Whether the Velvetmatte, Studioshine, Smitten Lip Tint Mousse or Lip Couture Liquid Lipsticks - with La Splash lip products you can find the right color and the right finish for every occasion and every complexion. However, La Splash not only offers the usual finishes, as matte and shiny, but also shimmering and metallic tones. These Duo Chrome and Metallic Liquid Lipsticks are specially formulated: the shimmering pigments are activated by lightly massaging the dried product into the lips.

In addition to liquid lipsticks, La Splash also has lip gloss on offer. The Sinfully Angelic Diamond Lip Glosses have a fresh, glossy finish to nourish and protect the lips. Above all, the darker colors have a high opacity, which is rather unusual for light lip glosses. Some of the shiny colors also contain glitter and make the lips even more radiant. The Sinfully Angelic Glosses are not only beautiful and of good quality, moreover they are very cheap.

Matching the lip products, we also offer Makeup Removers by LASplash that perfectly remove longlasting and waterproof lipsticks.

Sparkling Glitter, Fine Pigments, Colorful Eyeliner and Dramatic Lashes

In addition to the lip products, the glitters and pigments by LA Splash are some of the highlight-products. Used for a professional eye makeup or the perfect festival look, glitter is currently one of the trend products. La Splash offers cheap, high-quality glitter, which is also suitable for use on the eye.

The Diamond Dust pigments are loose eye shadows with fine glitter particles. With them, a slight shimmer can be conjured up on the eye and by building up the color, even a metallic foil finish can be achieved. The large color range includes not only neutral, earthy tones, but also strong and eye-catching eyeshadow colors. For stronger glitter effects, the Crystallized Glitter by LA Splash is perfect. The glitter with larger pieces is perfect for accents in eye make-up, but also on the body for creative looks. Loose glitter can be applied very versatile, to creativity there are no limits.

To apply pigments and glitter to the eye, a good primer should be used. The Till Midnight Elixir Primer by LA Splash, with its light yet strong fixation formulation, ensures that the pigments are easy to apply and last. The primer intensifies the color of each eyeshadow and prevents blurring and fallout for up to 12 hours.

La Splash also offers other products for the eyes: the Ultra Defined Wings Waterproof Mousse Eyeliner. Due to the smooth texture, the cream eyeliner can be applied very easily with a brush. Once the color has dried, the formulation of the eyeliner becomes waterproof and your wing will survive any adventure. A normal liner in black, earth tones or muted colors is too boring for you? The ProArtist Waterproof Liners in bright colors are there for you! Especially for body art, these colorful liners are highly recommended and also low in price.

For an even more intense look, La Splash offers a variety of False Eyelashes in a great price-performance ratio. The False Lashes with a 3D Mink style give depth to the eye. Due to the innovative technology, the False Eyelashes blend into the natural eyelashes and look natural, despite their length and volume.

All in all, La Splash not only offers inexpensive cosmetics for everyday use, but also professional make-up artists are served very well with the extraordinary products in innumerable colors.


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