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Buy Manic Panic Hair Coloronline at kosmetik4less

Get your hair a super cool and hip look. Who will always have the same colors? Not you? Then you are at kosmetik4less exactly right, with us in the Onlineshop you will find many different hair colors of Manic Panic. With these, you can create the most fashionable looks. With the Manic Panic hair tints , you'll be giving your hair damn cool colors, and your everyday life will be much more colorful. Choose your favorite between colors like Hot Pink, Blue Steel, Candy Pink or Atomic Turquoise and many others. Of course you can also combine the sounds with each other to achieve your very individual look.

Animal-friendly and easy to use

The colors of Manic Panic can be fed as long as you want. The longer the color is applied, the more intense the tint. Super easy, right? So just apply and you have 4 to 6 weeks a damn trendy hair. If you want to keep the color longer, you should look at the Amplified Formula by Manic Panic. These colors remain intense for about 6 to 8 weeks. Choose between the famous Rockabilly Blue, After Midnight Blue, Vampire Red, Virgin Snow and many other Amplified products. Many of you are wondering what animal experiments are? Manic Panic does not have that at all! All Manic Panic hair colors are pet friendly and vegan developed! So, what are you waiting for? Find your favorite color and make your life more colorful. You only live once!

And that's how easy it is:

The best results are achieved on naturally lightblondem and preblonded hair. But also with darker hair you can achieve cool effects. Use the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach Kit . Some nuances work well on naturally blond or chemically blond hair, others - mostly darker shades give breathtaking colors also on dark Basishaar. The high voltage tints are ready for use Please do not use a developer at all!


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