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Perfect summer look

What needs to be considered in a summer look?

To prepare the skin for the hot days, I use a moisturizing primer and a strobe cream containing fine golden shimmer particles to make the skin look fresher. In the summer I do without foundation and instead use a tinted day cream. It covers slight redness and gives me an even skin. To conceal slight redness and dark circles, I use a concealer under the eyes and fix it with a transparent powder. I do not dust off the rest of my face because I do not want a dull finish.

The most important thing about a summer glow make-up

To give my face a bit of warmth and look sun kissed, I use a bronzer. The bronzer I wear in a "3" on the face, from the forehead to the cheekbone and up to the jaw. As a result, one is slightly tanned and simultaneously contoured the face. To give me some freshness on the cheeks I use a apricot-colored blush. Peach and salmon colors look very fresh on the cheeks and the skin looks very "healthy". The most important thing about Summer Glow make-up is the highlighter for me personally. For this I use a highlighter with golden shimmer particles. I always wear the highlighter in the highest places in my face and on the parts that I want to highlight myself. On my cheekbones, under the arch of my brow, in the inner corner of my eyes and on my lips. I prefer to do without the highlighter on my nose, because it can quickly look oily and I would like to avoid that.

What is in the foreground?

In a summer look, the eye make-up is not in the foreground, so I use my bronzer in the eyelid crease and on my movable eyelid I use my highlighter again. The makeup looks much more harmonious when the colors are found in different places. Finally, I use a mascara and use a fixing spray to make my make-up as long as possible. Done is the look.


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