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Skinfood is a skin care and cosmetics brand. Skinfood's motto is: "You are what you eat".

SKINFOOD is the first cosmetic brand to use natural food extracts as a base. Skinfood firmly believes that healthy nutrition is the basis for natural beauty and beautiful skin. All those for whom the aging of the skin and skin care plays an important role, the brand Skinfood is not a foreign word. 


Healthy skin starts with eating. The foods contain vitamins, minerals, natural oils, and antioxidants, which care for the body from the inside and outside. Skinfood uses these food extracts and oils in all care and cosmetic products, with the aim of achieving the best possible care of the body and the care. Brazilian black sugar, South Asian royal honey, French grapes - form the basis for healthy skin. 


The key to beauty and health lies in nutrition. Scientists have proven that wrong nutrition makes the skin age much faster. As a result, the skin ages prematurely, pigmentation disorders, skin irritations and the skin appears drier. Skinfood has not only recognized the problems, but also created the solutions. With Skinfood your skin is permanently supplied with nutrients and minerals. Especially important for the Skinfood therapy are the masks, which you can also buy in our shop. 


The Skinfood care product developers personally meet the organic farmers from all over the world in order to guarantee the best possible selection of e.g. salad, tomatoes, trubes for the product development. The sustainability and quality of the cultivation of the individual components is very important to Skinfood. The Skinfood development team carries out numerous clinical tests and studies with the aim of developing the perfect and healthy skin care. Skinfood is committed to developing solutions for sustainable beauty and healthy skin. 


In our online shop you will find the bestsellers of Skinfood. The Royal Honey face cream from SKINFOOD is particularly popular. The Honey Cream moisturizes your skin and nourishes it with propolis extract and royal jelly. Your skin gets a beautiful complexion thanks to the cream. 


Toner - PREMIUM AVOCADO RICH TONER This moisturizing emulsion is based on natural ingredients. It is based on avocado extracts, avocado oil and essential oils. Your skin feels much smoother. The toner gives you glow effect and your face shines. Aloe Vera 93% Soothing Gel is a must haves for everyone who cares about their skin. This gel moisturizing cream contains the 93% Aloe Vera leaf extract The high concentration of Aloe Vera extracts guarantees you optimal supply of your skin with moisture. Thanks to the gel, your skin not only remains optimally supplied with minerals, but also feels fresh and smooth. Aloe Vera 93% Soothing Gel prevents all skin irritations and is suitable for every skin type, for the face as well as the whole body. 


Skinfood also developed face masks. In our shop you can buy the Egg White Pore Mask. The mask contains protein extracts. With this mask skin impurities and pimples are removed. The mask cleanses your face and removes oil residues from the pores. Your skin feels smoother, more elastic and younger.


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