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Tips & Tricks for a perfect & long-lasting summer make-up

What has to be noted at hot temperatures

The right storage

This point is quickly forgotten, but just like our favorite summer snacks, many makeup products do not like exposure to direct sunlight. Lipsticks, lipliner, kohl and co. can melt quickly at temperatures above 30 degrees. Ideally, store it in a drawer or cupboard in the coolest corner of your home. Both liquid base products such as foundation, concealer & primer, as well as setting and care sprays can ideally be stored in the refrigerator. After all, if these products are exposed to high temperatures for longer periods of time, this can greatly reduce their durability. In addition, it gives you a pleasant refreshment when you make up with the cool products!

No power to sweat!

Not working up a sweat in the summer is probably impossible for most of us. Especially the right primers and fixing sprays help to prevent sweat from ruining your look. Essence has a full lineup of products directly designed to withstand sweat. Part of this series is the you better work! Primers. Should your skin be greasier in the summer, a matte primer is perfect for a long shelf life. The Mattifying Under Makeup Base from Inglot, the NYX Shine Killer and the Mattify Primer from Revolution are ideal for this! Extra strong fixing sprays like the you better work! Essence Spray or Sport Fix Spray by Revolution make sure your look is rock solid!

Do not forget the sun!

The warm sunrays on the face can be beautiful - but it should not be forgotten that the sun not only heat but also UV radiation and this can be very harmful to our skin. UV radiation can accelerate skin aging and cause unpleasant sunburn. To prevent this, your Summer Makeup Kit should definitely include a range of SPF products. You will find in our shop not only sun cream from Ziaja, but also various makeup products with SPF! Take for example the HD Active Performance Primer from catrice or the Prime Protect from Milani. Also Foundation often contains LSF - you can find in our shop for example the Magic Cushion Moist Up foundation of Missha with LSF50! With these tips, your makeup kit should be ready for the summer and you can enjoy the warm weather without having to worry about your look!


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