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Brush care products buy cheap at kosmetik4less

The selection of cosmetic brushes is large, round, straight, bevelled, thick or thin, bushy or pointed? The variety is immense and of course the question arises: Which cosmetic brush do I use for which cosmetic and for which make-up step. We at Kosmetik4less would like to bring light into the dark, because cosmetic brushes are an important tool for a smooth and flawless make-up. There are special cosmetic brushes for powder products, foundation, rouge, eye shadow, concealer or for the lips. Even for the eyebrows there are special make-up brushes that definitely make the application easier. Besides the application, there is also a distinction between brushes made of real hair or synthetic hair. In our cosmetic online shop you will find a variety of beautiful brushes of the brands Real Techniques, Nabla, Milani, L.A. Girl and some more. Discover also the brushes of our own brand Lenibrush. We have developed them ourselves and put a lot of love into them. They convince by the very good quality and the good price, are you ready to be convinced?

If you have chosen the right brushes, the right care for your brush is very important. Over time, bacteria can develop in the brush. Therefore it is good to have the right tools at hand to clean your brushes at least once a month. We offer different cleaning surfaces for this purpose, with which you can clean your brushes by moving them back and forth on the surface in circular movements. The brushes are best cleaned by getting them wet. Then apply a cleaning soap before you rub the surface with the nubs. The optimal care ensures that your brushes can be used for a long time and that the brush hairs remain soft.

Our favourite cosmetic brushes for you at a glance:

Lenibrush - Kosmetikpinsel - Flat Top Kabuki - LBF01 - 3rd Edition ♥ Makeup Revolution - Mini-Pinselset - Pro Go Set ♥ L.A. Girl - Konturpinsel - Contour Brush - 106 ♥ BH Cosmetics -Metallic Pink -14 Piece Brush Set ♥


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