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Ardell - Magnetic Liquid Liner & Lash - Wispies
Magnetic Liquid Liner & Lash - Wispies
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Buy magnetic eyelashes affordable at Kosmetik4less.

False or artificial eyelashes are a trend of our time and have become absolutely suitable for everyday use. In the past, they were only worn for carnival or for the big stage performance, but nowadays they are a beauty must-have for many women. According to the demand, the selection of false eyelashes has also increased and this beauty sector is also characterised by a very large variety.

With the new magnetic eyelashes, you can have beautiful eyelashes within seconds and present a great eye look. Magnetic lashes do not consist of only one lash band, like conventional lashes. They have two rows: one is attached above the lash line and the other below. The two rows are attached to each other by the integrated magnet, so that the natural lashes are directly in between.

The huge advantage of magnetic eyelashes is that they save a lot of time. In addition, the magnetic eyelashes are ideal for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive eyes, as there is no glue at all. Removing the lashes is also easier, as you only need to detach the two lash bands from each other. Since no glue is used, you don't have to clean the lashes and you can reuse them many times. You can find a great selection of different magnetic eyelashes in our online shop.


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