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Ziaja - Eye Cream Vitamine E
Eye Cream Vitamine E
(€12.67 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Goat's Milk Eye Cream
Goat's Milk Eye Cream
(€19.33 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Eye Gel Sage
Eye Gel Sage
(€13.33 * / 100 ml)
Ziaja - Natural Olive Eye Cream
Natural Olive Eye Cream
(€19.33 * / 100 ml)
Revolution - Skincare Cooling Eye Roller Ball
Skincare Cooling Eye Roller Ball
(€5.95 / 1 Stück)
Ziaja - Saffron Eye Cream
Saffron Eye Cream
(€36.00 * / 100 ml)
Embryolisse - Lashes Booster - 6.5ml
Lashes Booster - 6.5ml
(€352.31 * / 100 ml)
Revolution Pro - Lash & Line Growth Serum Duo Black
Lash & Line Growth Serum Duo Black
(€8.99 / 1 Stück)
Holika Holika - Prime Youth Black Snail Repair Eye Cream
Prime Youth Black Snail Repair Eye Cream
(€186.50 * / 100 ml)
-30,0 %
Embryolisse - Smoothing Eye Contour Care - 15ml
Smoothing Eye Contour Care - 15ml
(€125.80 * / 100 ml)
18,87* €26.95 *

Find gentle eye and eyelash care products for bright eyes and long eyelashes online at Kosmetik4less

In the daily care of the facial skin, we usually pay the most attention to the problematic areas. However, apart from the treatment of dryness, wrinkles or impurities, the eye area should not be forgotten. The skin around the eyes is usually thinner and therefore more sensitive than the rest of the face. This can lead to increased dryness and even premature wrinkling. To prevent this from happening, a suitable eye care product should be used. Such an eye care supplies the sensitive skin around the eyes with moisture and makes them smooth for a long time. In addition, foundation and concealer usually look better on well cared for skin and last longer without settling into the natural eye wrinkles.


How to find the perfect eye care cream and use it correctly

When choosing the eye cream, you should first pay attention to the skin types, because the skin around the eyes generally always needs a slightly more intensive care than the face. If your skin type is oily, the eye area will probably only be slightly drier, so a light care that cools and relaxes is usually sufficient. With dry skin, on the other hand, the skin around the eyes often tends towards even greater dryness, which can also manifest itself in visible skin flakes and wrinkles. Here a very intensive care cream is in demand, which calms the skin, relieves tension and also intensively nourishes it. This means that the drier the skin type, the more intensive the chosen eye care should be.

Eye cream is no more complicated to use than other skin care products, but a few small things should still be taken into account. Classic eye creams have a relatively firm consistency and are packed in a tube. In this way, the desired amount can be taken very hygienically. The care cream is then gently worked into the skin with the fingertips, mainly directly under the eyes, with dabbing movements. The skin around the eyes should never be strongly massaged or rubbed, as this promotes the formation of wrinkles. The gentler the handling of the skin around the eyes, the more likely it is that wrinkles will be visible later. A lighter version of eye care is a roll-on for the eyes, e.g. the Cooling Eye Refresh from e.l.f. cosmetics. A small metal ball cools the eye area and has a decongestant effect, while the care product is evenly distributed. This not only cares for, but can also reduce dark and swollen rings around the eyes. For more intensive care, there are also eye care pads, which are like a face mask for the eye area. The pads are applied under the eyes and then act for approx. 10-20 minutes. After the application time, the eye pads are removed and the rest of the product is gently dabbed into the skin. The eye care pads from Absolute New York are very suitable for this.


Long and voluminous eyelashes with an innovative nourishing eyelash serum

Who would like to have beautiful, long and dense lashes without make-up can help with a lash serum. An eyelash serum is ideally applied in the evening like an eyeliner directly on the lash line. This allows the serum to unfold its full effect overnight. Depending on the natural rate of hair growth, the eyelashes become visibly longer and fuller within 2-6 weeks. Biovene Next Lash Eyelash Renewal & Growth Serum is very suitable for this purpose. By the way, an eyelash serum does not only work on the eyelashes, the eyebrows can also be condensed naturally.


The best eye creams and eyelash serums for you at a glance

Embryolisse Lashes Booster ♥ Catrice Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum


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