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W7 Cosmetics  - Bronzing Powder - Honolulu
Bronzing Powder - Honolulu
(€66.50 * / 100 g)
Nabla - Skin Realist Beautifying Tinted Balm - 2 Light
Skin Realist Beautifying Tinted Balm - 2 Light
(€62.50 * / 100 ml)
Nabla - Skin Realist Beautifying Tinted Balm - 1 Fair
Skin Realist Beautifying Tinted Balm - 1 Fair
(€62.50 * / 100 ml)
-30,3 %
Loreal Paris - Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation - 125 Natural Rose
Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation - 125 Natural Rose
(€29.97 * / 100 ml)
8,99* €12.89 *
-30,3 %
Loreal Paris - Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation - 120 Vanilla
Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation - 120 Vanilla
(€29.97 * / 100 ml)
8,99* €12.89 *
-30,3 %
Loreal Paris - Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation - 220 Sand
Infaillible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation - 220 Sand
(€29.97 * / 100 ml)
8,99* €12.89 *
Nabla -  Skin Glazing Highlighter - Ozone
Skin Glazing Highlighter - Ozone
(€22.00 / 1 Stück)
Milani - Baked Blush - Luminoso
Baked Blush - Luminoso
(€11.95 / 1 Stück)
-10,0 %
-10,0 %
essence - Powder - brighten up! banana powder - bababanana
Powder - brighten up! banana powder - bababanana
(€32.78 * / 100 g)
-10,1 %
Revolution - Blusher Reloaded - Peach Bliss
Blusher Reloaded - Peach Bliss
(€3.48 / 1 Stück)
3,48* €3.87 *
-10,0 %
Revolution Relove - Trio Contour Palette - Sugar
Trio Contour Palette - Sugar
(€2.69 / 1 Stück)
2,69* €2.99 *
L.A. Girl - Concealer - Pro Conceal HD - 983 - Fawn
Concealer - Pro Conceal HD - 983 - Fawn
(€68.13 * / 100 g)
-29,9 %
-10,0 %
Revolution Relove - Pore Vanish Primer
Pore Vanish Primer
(€37.42 * / 100 ml)
4,49* €4.99 *
essence - all about matt! fixing comp. Powder
all about matt! fixing comp. Powder
(€3.03 / 1 Stück)
-10,0 %
Revolution Relove - H2O Hydrate Primer
H2O Hydrate Primer
(€37.42 * / 100 ml)
4,49* €4.99 *
-10,1 %
Revolution - Highlighter Reloaded - Just My Type
Highlighter Reloaded - Just My Type
(€34.80 * / 100 g)
3,48* €3.87 *
W7 Cosmetics - Powder - Banana Dreams Loose Powder
Powder - Banana Dreams Loose Powder
(€20.45 * / 100 g)
-10,0 %
Revolution - Loose Baking Powder - Translucent
Loose Baking Powder - Translucent
(€16.84 * / 100 g)
5,39* €5.99 *
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Makeup in all its variations is one of the most popular cosmetic products. No wonder, because a nice make-up will make your complexion glow, provide a fresh look at any time of the day, and help conceal minor blemishes or redness. There are many ways to emphasize your benefits. Primers, foundations, concealers and powders are among the basics to create a flawless look. Rouge, Bronzer & Highlighter give your look the finishing touch and set the tone. Fixing sprays ensure a perfect finish and long hold. In our cosmetics online shop you will find a variety of well-known cosmetics brands such as Makeup RevolutionMakeup ObsessionessenceCatriceL.A. Girl, MilaniPaeseL.O.V.

Which makeup suits your face shape

With the right makeup, you can emphasize your face very special. If you then also take into account your face shape when applying make-up, then your face will be set even more beautiful. The simplest is the subdivision of the face shape in oval, oblong, angular, heart-shaped or round. If you have an oval face, then you have it easiest when applying makeup, because this form is considered particularly harmonious. An oval face needs no shades, who likes can set highlights on the forehead or on the chin with highlighters and emphasize the lips, cheeks or eyes at will - everything is allowed here. An oblong face can be characterized by a high forehead and a long chin. Here the right shades help to make the face appear more oval. We recommend applying a foundation that is a bit darker than your skin to these areas and blindfold the rest of your face. If you then strengthen your cheekbones with rouge or powder, your face looks much more oval. Make sure that you let the rouge or powder easily drain to the hairline. If you are more inclined to a square shape, ie to a broad forehead and pronounced pines, then the goal is to soften your distinctive contours. This is similar to a longish face if you apply a darker foundation to the sides of the forehead and laterally to the jawbone and delude. With punctual highlights in the middle of the forehead, the cheekbones and the chin you are now setting soft accents against it. If you fade these and avoid transitions your facial features soften. Who likes can emphasize his eyes and lips as an eye-catcher, this also distracts from the striking face shape. Even a heart-shaped face shape needs a special shade and also here is a Founation used, which is one to two shades darker than the own complexion. As the name "heart shape" suggests, we are dealing here with a broad forehead and a pointed chin. To conceal them, you apply the foundation on the side of the forehead, on the outer nostrils and on the chin. To make the face narrower, make up your cheekbones with a little rouge. Again, of course, that you do not make any borders, but the transitions are flowing. Finally, the round face shape remains. This looks more oval if you use a darker foundation than your own skin tone, your jaw, your cheekbones, and your temples. Bright accents play a decisive role in a round face. It is best to highlight the forehead, the lower eye area and the area between the nose and mouth and the chin. If you want to use rouge, it is recommended that this be narrow from the cheekbones to the corner of the mouth.

Which shade of my foundation is right for your skin type?

Perfect makeup will only be perfect if you choose the right foundation for your complexion. The color of your foundation is virtually the basis for everything else and should be selected in peace. You will find the perfect skin tone for you best, if you apply three different foundation tones side by side on your cheek and these - if possible - checked in the daylight. The shade closest to your skin tone should be chosen. Once you have found this, then check the tone on your décolleté again, even though it looks harmonious here, he is the right person. Also known is the method of testing the color on the back of the hand. In the first step, this method is certainly ok, but for the final sale, the Foundation should be tested in the face.

After the freestyle the duty: the make-up removal

Even the most beautiful makeup should be made up in the evening and even if you prefer to fall into bed sometimes, we strongly advise against it, because there are a number of good reasons why you should also be careful when removing the make-up. For example, cell renewal takes place at night and the skin regenerates. This is only possible if the skin can breathe freely. In addition, it prevents skin blemishes, because makeup combined with dust and dirt from the environment clogs the pores. It is also particularly important to mitigate the eyelashes. Only when the eyelashes are free of make-up, new eyelashes can regrow. In addition, not limed eyelashes threaten to break off. Incidentally, a nice side effect is that the bed linen stays clean and no bacteria can collect here either. In our cosmetics online shop you will find some great make-up removers that will make your make-up removal routine even easier.

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