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essence - fix it! nail glue
fix it! nail glue
(€348.75 * / 1 kg)
essence - Fake Nails - nails in style - 12
Fake Nails - nails in style - 12
(€2.99 / 1 Stück)
essence - Fake Nails - nails in style - 13
Fake Nails - nails in style - 13
(€2.99 / 1 Stück)
essence - Nagelkleber - Nail Glue Tabs
Nagelkleber - Nail Glue Tabs
(€0.08 * / 1 Stück)
-40,1 %
essence - Fake Nail - Nails In Style 14 - ROSE AND SHINE
Fake Nail - Nails In Style 14 - ROSE AND SHINE
(€1.79 / 1 Stück)
1,79* €2.99 *

The perfect artificial nails for every occasion 

Fingernails are a common cause of frustration: they are too thin, they are brittle and brittle or they are stressed by biting the fingernails. All problems that make fingernails look unattractive, but all problems that can be solved by artificial fingernails. And if the artificial nails are applied professionally, the 10 problems on the fingers quickly turn into 10 small works of art. We at kosmetik4less offer you a range of different artificial nails, which you can easily apply to your real nail and shorten as you wish. The designs are varied and so you can find everything from French Nails, baby pink to metallic artificial nails. Artificial nails have the advantage that you can remove them anytime you want to change your look without damaging the upper layer of your real nail. This is often the case with real nails, as they prevent air from getting to the nail, making it brittle and cracked. In addition, artificial nails are a perfect alternative to gel nails, as the nails are much cheaper to glue on and can be applied in seconds. Visit Kosmetik4less now and be inspired by the variety of great products that make your nail design perfect.

How do I apply the artificial nails correctly?

To apply the nails, first apply the liquid glue thinly and evenly to the entire nail. Do not do this for all natural nails at once, but proceed individually so that the glue does not dry too quickly. Now you can also apply the glue thinly to the inside of the artificial nail. Leave the tip free, so that only the surface is wetted that will actually lie on your natural nail. After both layers of glue have dried for a few seconds, place the artificial nail on your natural nail and press it with a little pressure. While you press the artificial nail, you can use a cotton swab or cosmetic tissue to wipe off any excess glue that comes out on the sides. The glue can be easily removed with a special solvent.


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