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lenilash - Lash Glue - Clear
Lash Glue - Clear
(€1.49 / 1 Stück)
1,49* €4.95 *
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-10,0 %
DUO - Duo Striplash Adhesive - Quick-Set - Dark
Duo Striplash Adhesive - Quick-Set - Dark
(€1,422.00 * / 1 kg)
7,11* €7.90 *
-70,0 %
RUDE Cosmetics - Stuck On You Lash Adhesive Liner - Clear
Stuck On You Lash Adhesive Liner - Clear
(€1,650.00 * / 1 Liter)
3,30* €10.99 *
-59,9 %
Catrice - Lash Glue & Eyeliner 010
Lash Glue & Eyeliner 010
(€1.80 / 1 Stück)
1,80* €4.49 *
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Blink - Ultra X Glue - 5g
Ultra X Glue - 5g
(€4.00 / 1 Stück)
4,-* €19.99 *
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Blink - Mild Glue
Mild Glue
(€599.00 * / 1 kg)
5,99* €29.95 *
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Blink - Lily Glue - 10g
Lily Glue - 10g
(€599.00 * / 1 kg)
5,99* €29.95 *

Eyelash glue for false eyelashes

Whether lashes or lash bands - for your eyelash extensions you need the right glue. In our online shop you will find selected adhesives of the brands DUO, Red Cherry, Ardell, essence, Amazing Shine, Catrice und Blink. These are particularly skin-friendly and suitable for every type of eyelash extensions. For particularly sensitive skin, we recommend the Strip Lash Glue (English for eyelash tape adhesive) brand DUO or the latex-free adhesive variants, which are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Glue with applicator

eyelash glue for eyelashes bands there are in either the tube or with a practical small applicator. With the applicator you have it easier, apply only a thin film of adhesive to the lash band and evenly distributed. You need no additional aids such as cotton swab or the like. Glue with applicator is offered, among others, Amazing Shine.

Lighter or darker eyelashes glue?

Whether you should prefer to use light or dark adhesive, is a matter of taste. The bright eyelash glue dries clear and is so behind on the eyelid as good as invisible. Just for looks without eyeliner this is recommended or if you tend to use too much glue. The black eyelash glue dries black and is thus especially well under an eyeliner hide. Moreover, it is less noticeable when a little adhesive lands on your eyelashes.

Adhesive for lashes

What eyelash glue is best to use if you want to stick lashes? single lashes be fixed with another adhesive as eyelash strips, as they are not placed on the eyelid but directly on the natural eyelashes. In addition, the wearing time of lashes with a few weeks is much longer than that of eyelash strips, so that the adhesive has to be durable. Often individual eyelash adhesive as the Ardell Lash Tite is available in larger bottles, since it is used by professional makeup artists and beauticians for eyelash extensions. This eyelash glue is waterproof so the eyelash extensions will not get washed at the first showers. therefore to remove this glue you need a remover, a special remover for eyelash extensions. Even with glue for individual eyelashes distinguish between dark and light adhesive. In addition to their color, the two types of adhesive are completely equal. Which color you choose is up to you, a right or wrong decision, there is not. To remove both the artificial eyelashes as well as the remains of the eyelash glue again. suitable called special remover or remover. This dissolves the glue carefully, without damaging the natural eyelashes. In our online shop you can have different Remover Buy.


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