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essence - strong hardener nail treatment advanced
strong hardener nail treatment advanced
(€1.90 / 1 Stück)
essence - xxl nail thickener protects thin nails
xxl nail thickener protects thin nails
(€1.71 / 1 Stück)
Revolution - Good Vibes Cuticle Oil
Good Vibes Cuticle Oil
(€39.93 * / 100 ml)
Catrice - Nail Hardener - Iron Strength Nail Hardener
Nail Hardener - Iron Strength Nail Hardener
(€28.80 * / 100 ml)
-9,9 %
Revolution - Care & Repair Nail Treatment
Care & Repair Nail Treatment
(€49.90 * / 100 ml)
Revolution - Nourish & Care Cuticle Oil
Nourish & Care Cuticle Oil
(€39.93 * / 100 ml)
-29,9 %
W7 Cosmetics - Nail Treatment - Nail Reviver - 15ml
Nail Treatment - Nail Reviver - 15ml
(€28.00 * / 100 ml)
4,20* €5.99 *

The perfect nail hardener for brittle nails 

Beautiful nails make your hands look well-groomed, so you should take the time to care for your nails. If you often have a tendency to soft and brittle nails, nail hardeners are the right choice for you. The principle of the mostly transparent or slightly coloured nail polishes is as simple as it is effective. The nail hardener contains hardening substances and covers the natural nail like a protective layer. In this way it seals the nail and immediately makes it more resistant and stronger. In addition, the nail polish makes an important contribution to protecting the nails from harmful environmental influences. By applying it several times you can increase the protective effect and elasticity! In addition, nail hardeners contain special cocktails of active ingredients that supply the nail with important substances, such as tea tree oil or vitamin E active ingredients, thus strengthening the nail in the long term and allowing it to grow back powerfully.  Are your nails brittle or brittle? Then we have the perfect solution for you. With our nail hardeners from Essence and Catrice, for example, you can care for your nails and thus strengthen them and stimulate them to grow. Use the nail hardeners either as a base coat or as a top coat in combination with other nail polishes to fix them. This stabilizes your brittle nails and ensures that they can grow long again without becoming brittle or brittle prematurely. Just like a normal nail polish it is applied to the cleaned nails with the help of a small brush. Make sure that you only apply the nail hardener to the front part of the nail, so that the nail remains as elastic as possible at the base and its natural growth is not impaired. It is also recommended to protect the cuticles with a rich cream or vaseline during application. Be inspired by the variety of nail hardeners in our shop, with which you can stimulate your nails to grow healthy again and thus try out great nail designs again.


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