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+ Gratis Palette
Nabla - Eyeshadow Palette - Read My Mind Palette
Eyeshadow Palette - Read My Mind Palette
(€2,078.13 * / 1 kg)
+ Gratis Palette
Nabla - Vicious Mascara
Vicious Mascara
(€2,390.00 * / 1 Liter)
+ Gratis Palette
+ Gratis Palette
+ Gratis Geschenk
+ Gratis Geschenk
-40,1 %
RUDE Cosmetics - Gimme Glitter Liner - Vogue
Gimme Glitter Liner - Vogue
(€4.79 / 1 Stück)
4,79* €7.99 *
+ Gratis Geschenk
essence - I love crazy volume mascara
I love crazy volume mascara
(€249.17 * / 1 Liter)
+ Gratis Geschenk
Catrice - Wow In A Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette 010
Wow In A Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette 010
(€1,247.50 * / 1 kg)
Ziaja - Eye Cream Vitamin E
Eye Cream Vitamin E
(€193.33 * / 1 Liter)
-59,9 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Revolution - Graphic Liner Palettes - Artist Ego
Graphic Liner Palettes - Artist Ego
(€2.80 / 1 Stück)
2,80* €6.99 *
+ Gratis Geschenk
+ Gratis Geschenk
-69,9 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Makeup Revolution - Loose Eyeshadow - Crushed Pearl Pigments - Vindictive
Loose Eyeshadow - Crushed Pearl Pigments - Vindictive
(€1.50 / 1 Stück)
1,50* €4.99 *
+ Gratis Geschenk
Eveline Cosmetics - Variete Lashes Show Mascara
Variete Lashes Show Mascara
(€591.00 * / 1 Liter)
Eveline Cosmetics - Mascara - Sexy Eyes Mascara
Mascara - Sexy Eyes Mascara
(€7.19 / 1 Stück)
+ Gratis Geschenk
+ Gratis Geschenk
-70,1 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Revolution - Kohl Eyeliner - White
Kohl Eyeliner - White
(€1.18 / 1 Stück)
1,18* €3.95 *
+ Gratis Geschenk
-49,9 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Makeup Obsession - Brow Gloss
Brow Gloss
(€3.50 / 1 Stück)
3,50* €6.99 *
+ Gratis Geschenk
Catrice - Pure Volume Magic Brown Mascara 010
Pure Volume Magic Brown Mascara 010
(€399.00 * / 1 Liter)
-40,1 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
-40,1 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
+ Gratis Geschenk
Catrice - The Cozy Earth Eyeshadow Palette
The Cozy Earth Eyeshadow Palette
(€665.56 * / 1 kg)
+ Gratis Geschenk
essence - micro precise eyebrow pencil - 02 light brown
micro precise eyebrow pencil - 02 light brown
(€1.99 / 1 Stück)
+ Gratis Geschenk
-49,9 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Revolution - Glitter Body Gloss - Viva Multi Glitter Gloss Sunrise Sunset
Glitter Body Gloss - Viva Multi Glitter Gloss Sunrise Sunset
(€2.98 / 1 Stück)
2,98* €5.95 *
+ Gratis Geschenk
essence - long-lasting eye pencil 01
long-lasting eye pencil 01
(€1.59 / 1 Stück)
-50,0 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
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Your eyes are the proverbial mirror to your soul, through they express your feelings very strongly. But who says that this mirror can not have a beautiful frame? Draw a great frame with mascara, EyeshadowEyeliner and many more. Here you can find the right products from different brands like Barry M SigmaW7Freedom Makeup and many many more.

Find the perfect eye makeup with kosmetik4less

If you want to emphasize your eyes and emphasize your individuality, then you should consider your eye and hair color as well as your complexion when choosing your eye make-up. The choice of your lipstick should be tailored to your eye makeup. To dark eyes and hair fit very well, for example, brownish pink, gold and bronze tones and greenish shades such as olive or moss green. Dark hair and blue eyes are particularly good with violet colors and green eyes harmonize with earth tones and lilac variations. On the other hand, blond women should fall back on pastel shades or prefer gray and warm shades of brown. In red-haired women, especially green tones have proven to be eye makeup. But also copper, gold and cinnamon tones go perfectly with red hair. For the brave, the colors from the blue color world like petrol, purple or turquoise are also suitable. Whether you are wearing glasses or not or wearing contact lenses also influences the choice of your make-up. For example, for contact lens wearers, there are special products that do not crumble or irritate the eyes. Liquid or creamy cosmetics such as liquid eyeliners or creamy eyeshadows are then better. In our cosmetics online shop you will find a large selection of such products. Brands such as Makeup RevolutionessenceOPV , NablaW7 oder Catrice offer beautiful Liquid Eyeliner in many different colors. The selection of creamy eyeshadow is great, especially from Absolute New York, there are exciting colors that make your eyes shine. In addition to your very personal characteristics, of course, the occasion for which you make up your eye make-up plays a crucial role. In everyday life, the eye make-up may like to be a bit more discreet and natural, but to go out, it may be a bit more.

Voluminous, long eyelashes with mascara

Mascaras are probably the most popular makeup product. They make your eyes look bigger and are indispensable in our morning routine. You want extra long, voluminous or swinging eyelashes, waterproof or water-soluble mascara? In our online shop you can find mascara brands like L.O.V L.A. GirlMakeup RevolutionCatrice and many more. Also in the color selection, you can realize, because in addition to brown and black mascara, we also offer some unusual colors for the creative makeup look. The application of mascara is super easy: just comb the eyelashes with the eyelash brush. It's best to start very close to your eyelashes, just move the brush back and forth, so you have the most product on the lashes of your eyelashes. Then pull the brush a few times through the entire eyelashes. So you have the most volume at the beginning and your eyelashes are not too heavy at the ends and they keep their momentum.If that is not enough, you can still look at artificial eyelashes.

Giant selection of eyeshadows and eyliners at kosmetik4less

Be creative and create stunning looks with a variety of eyeshadows from Make-up Obsession, essence, wet'n'wild, Catrice or many others. Kosmetik4less offers you a huge selection of fantastic brands. Whether for dramatic, dark Smokey Eyes for the evening in the club or a subtle everyday look with light earthy tones, you are spoiled for choice. Even super bright looks you can make up with the great eyeshadow palettes Makeup Revolution. And all at sensational prices! Even with eyeliners you can set accents. Whether on an unvarnished eye with a little mascara, he gives your eyes the certain something, but also gives a final touch to a dramatic eye macro. With a little practice, you draw the perfect eyliner stroke! Just try it out, test the different eyeliner products and find out which one you can handle best. You can choose between a eyeliner pencil, a feltliner, or liquid eyeliner. Also Gel Eyeliner is available, but you have to use a special Cosmetic Brushes is applied.

Our eye makeup favorites for you at a glance

Makeup Revolution - Lidschattenpalette - Revolution X Soph - Extra Spice ♥ L.O.V - Lidschattenpalette - EYEVOTION extended cherry blossom edition ♥ essence - I love extreme - volume mascara ♥ OPV - Eyeliner - Metal And Liquid Glitters - 15 - Dime ♥

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