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Makeup Obsession - Face Primer - Baking Primer Oil
Face Primer - Baking Primer Oil
(€300.00 * / 1 Liter)
4,50* €8.99 *
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L.O.V - Faces of L.O.V - Luxury Oil caring oil for face, body and hair
Faces of L.O.V - Luxury Oil caring oil for face, body and hair
(€536.67 * / 1 Liter)
16,10* €16.95 *
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Revolution - Skincare Stressed Mood Calming Cleansing Oil
Skincare Stressed Mood Calming Cleansing Oil
(€28.43 * / 1 Liter)
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Catrice - Pore Instant Matte Stick
Pore Instant Matte Stick
(€948.33 * / 1 kg)
5,69* €5.99 *

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Intensive care is often the key to soft and supple skin. Especially with problematic skin, which can become noticeable through dryness or impurities, no step should be forgotten in the routine. In addition to creams, masks and perhaps a serum, a facial oil can also achieve the desired effect. Such a nourishing facial oil soothes the skin and keeps it soft and supple when used regularly. Dry areas are reduced and small wrinkles disappear. Not only for dry skin, but also for combination skin or even oily skin a facial oil can be used. For combination skin, intensive care can help to balance the skin. Even oily skin can often be treated with a caring facial oil, as it often results from over-irritation and excessive dryness. Here the oil can help to regulate the skin's natural sebum production. As an intensive overnight treatment, this can be tried out without shining more during the day.


In addition, some facial oils can also be used as primers or are even specially designed for this purpose. If the oil is applied before the foundation, the skin becomes softer and more radiant and the other products are easier to blend. Especially dry skin can benefit from this technique. If the foundation is suitable, it can also be mixed directly with the facial oil to adjust the finish of the foundation and give the complexion more glow. Thus, a matte foundation can be given a less matte finish and can therefore also be used on dry skin.


How do I use a facial oil correctly?

A facial oil is similar to a serum in its application. The skin should be thoroughly cleansed beforehand so that the optimal care effect can be achieved. It is essential that the facial oil is applied to moistened skin as the skin is best able to absorb the product in this condition. Now a few drops of oil should be well massaged into the skin with the fingertips, the focus should be on the particularly dry areas. An application in the evening has the advantage that the facial oil can work overnight, the regeneration of the skin is promoted and therefore the skin appears the next morning more relaxed, softer and more radiant. In order to further optimise the care effect, different products can also be combined with each other. For example, the right face oil can be used in combination with a serum or cream to combat further skin problems or simply to provide even more intensive care. If the facial oil is to take over the function of the primer, it is simply massaged into the skin before the foundation instead of the usual primer. Here, however, care should be taken to ensure that the oil harmonizes with the other products. If the oil is to be applied mixed with the foundation, simply add a few drops of oil to the desired amount of foundation before application and mix evenly. Then apply the foundation as usual.

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Revolution Gold Elixir Rose Hip Seed Oil ♥ L.O.V Luxury Oil


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