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Buy cheap false eyelashes at Kosmetik4less

Artificial eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are used by women of all ages to achieve a beautiful look. In contrast to permanent lash extensions, artificial lashes have the advantage of being interchangeable and thus adapt to every look. The lashes give your real lashes more density, volume and curl. It is important that you press the lashes on your eye sufficiently so that they last all day and you can dance through any party without worrying that your lashes will fall off. For this purpose there are extra so-called eyelash tweezers, with which you can apply the individual lashes or the eyelash band precisely on your eye with an eyelash adhesive. In a few minutes you have your own created eyelash extension.  

Fake eyelashes / permanent eyelashes for professionals

Fake eyelashes and lashes give your beauty make-up that certain something. With the Fake Lashes you can create different beauty make-up looks in no time at all without using mascara or eyelash serum. Fake lashes are available as single lashes or as eyelash tapes and can be divided into human hair lashes or synthetic hair lashes. In our Online Shop you will find all models. In our sale category you will find beautiful models for a fair price. 

Eyelash glue and eyelash accessories online in our shop 

Artificial eyelashes naturally need the perfect lash adhesive to last all day. Especially well-known and popular is the eyelash glue from DUO, but also Amazing Shine or Ardell are well-known brands. The glue is available in transparent or black. With the black adhesives you can save yourself the eyelid line, but this requires a little more practice. 

Discover not only false eyelashes in the sale with us but also all products for the eyes, for the lips, for the nails, for the face, care products and brushes and tools. We always reduce hip products from well-known brands, do not miss them.


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