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lenilash - knot-free Single Lashes  Flare long black ca 15 mm
knot-free Single Lashes Flare long black ca 15 mm
(€3.45 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - False Eyelashes Set black 2
False Eyelashes Set black 2
(€3.45 / 1 Stück)
Catrice - Lash Couture Single Lashes
Lash Couture Single Lashes
(€3.95 / 1 Stück)
Revolution - Revolution Individual Lashes
Revolution Individual Lashes
(€5.99 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - Single Lashes Flare medium - approx. 12mm - Black
Single Lashes Flare medium - approx. 12mm - Black
(€3.45 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - Single Lashes flare long black ca 15mm - Black
Single Lashes flare long black ca 15mm - Black
(€3.45 / 1 Stück)

Clump lashes buy

Choose the Falschen eyelashes huge. Want to get a permanent eyelash extensions ? Then lashes are just right for you. There are several variants of the artificial lashes. Tuft eyelashes is one of them and among them there are different types. Generally clump lashes are fine individual lashes, which are tied to a clump together or glued. In our online shop, there are many cheap clump lashes for example, lenilash , Red Cherry or Amazing Shine .

What are flares?

Flares are classic Wimpernbüschelt up to 14 hairs. They come in different colors, lengths, with knots and without. The flares without node see the eye of even more natural and covered virtually not at all as false eyelashes on. When used properly, keep the lashes up to 8 days to your eye. They are usually installed by professionals, but you can stick itself clump lashes well. Get them easily with Wimpernkleber and tweezers on to your lashes. 2 days requires the adhesive to fully cure. During this time your eyelashes should not come into contact with oil or water. Then you can do whatever you want. Whether sauna, sports or swimming pool, you have no restrictions with these lashes. The lashes are delivered without glue. It should be purchased separately. With them you fill up your natural lashes and customize it according to your individual wishes. You can, for example, stick to your entire eye, to create more volume or you can use to your eyes exterior angle longer than flares inside to visually lengthen your eyes away form several flares of the same length. You can however also use eyelash glue for eyelash strips. So you can also improve something just for one night your eyelashes. Solve you can him then simply apply a little makeup remover.

What is the Y, V and W Lashes differ?

V-, W- and Y-lashes are comparable with singles. You need a special eyelash glue for permanent lashes that should not fall into the eye. Therefore, the use of professionals should be performed. Y and V lashes consist of two and W-lashes of three hairs, which are glued together at the base. Your goal is to compress the eyelashes. Your name is determined by its shape: So the hair of the V eyelashes form a "V", the hair of the Y Eyelash give a "Y" and the hair of the W-batting a "W" shape. What form should be used depends on the desired effect and the thickness of the natural eyelashes. Since W-Lashes consist of three hairs they are heavier than V- and Y-lashes. Therefore, they are not recommended for thin natural eyelashes. These lashes are also available in various curls. A Curl called the degree of curvature of the eyelashes. Also this should be based on the natural eyelashes and the desired effect. Unlike the classic lashes tufts Y V- and W-Lashes are available in various curls. The following Curls ascending order are degree of curvature. J-, B-, C-, D- and L-Curls


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