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Nabla - Eyeshadow Palette - Read My Mind Palette
Eyeshadow Palette - Read My Mind Palette
(€2,078.13 * / 1 kg)
Revolution - shadow palette - Deadly Illusion
shadow palette - Deadly Illusion
(€6.99 / 1 Stück)
-40,1 %
Revolution Pro - Refill Eyeshadow Pack - Night to Believe
Refill Eyeshadow Pack - Night to Believe
(€3.59 / 1 Stück)
3,59* €5.99 *
Catrice - Wow In A Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette 010
Wow In A Box Mini Eyeshadow Palette 010
(€1,247.50 * / 1 kg)
-40,1 %
Makeup Revolution - Loose Eyeshadow - Crushed Pearl Pigments - Vindictive
Loose Eyeshadow - Crushed Pearl Pigments - Vindictive
(€2.99 / 1 Stück)
2,99* €4.99 *
-40,0 %
I Heart Makeup - Eyeshadow Palette - I Heart Mint Chocolate V4
Eyeshadow Palette - I Heart Mint Chocolate V4
(€299.55 * / 1 kg)
6,59* €10.99 *
-30,1 %
-30,1 %
Makeup Obsession - Peony KISSES Eyeshadow Palette
Peony KISSES Eyeshadow Palette
(€368.27 * / 1 kg)
7,66* €10.95 *
Catrice - The Cozy Earth Eyeshadow Palette
The Cozy Earth Eyeshadow Palette
(€665.56 * / 1 kg)
-9,9 %
Makeup Revolution - Eyeshadow Palette - Re-Loaded Palette - Velvet Rose
Eyeshadow Palette - Re-Loaded Palette - Velvet Rose
(€324.85 * / 1 kg)
5,36* €5.95 *
-30,0 %
-40,0 %
Revolution - Eyeshadow Palette - Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette
Eyeshadow Palette - Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette
(€549.58 * / 1 kg)
13,19* €21.99 *
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Buy Eyeshadow Online at Low Prices

Emphasizing the eyes can change the entire appearance. Whether at work or at school, at a romantic dinner or a red-carpet event: an eye makeup fitting the occasion can make you appear competent and serious, romantic and elegant, rebellious and trendy, natural or sexy and seductive. For this reason, the make-up artists of the stars attach particular importance to a perfect eye look. Eyeshadow is an indispensable product for this. In our Online Shop you will find a wide range of eyeshadows by different brands like Catrice, essence, Makeup Revolution, I Heart Revolution, Models Own, OPV and many more. 

From Creamy Single Eyeshadows to Beautiful Eyeshadow Palettes – The Wide Selection of Different Eyeshadows

In our shop we offer a wide selection of different kinds and colors of eyeshadows for any type and occasion. Especially comfortable and easy to use are cream eyeshadows, which apply easily and leave a smooth and blended look. They also make a great base for powder eyeshadows since they help with opaque color and durability of the shadows. Cream eyeshadows are applied best with your fingers or a flat brush to pack on and blend out the color. Eyeshadow pencils have a consistency and finish similar to regular cream eyeshadows, but can be applied directly onto the lid and are therefore much easier to use on the go. If this kind of natural and easy look is desired but the skin is too oily for liquid or creamy products, a powdery, single eyeshadow in a natural color will do the same thing. It can be put on and blended out with your fingers or a medium sized brush.

If you want to achieve an eye makeup with more depth and dimension, an eyeshadow pallete is the ideal product. Such a palette contains a bunch of color coordinated eyeshadows in a harmonious color scheme. Through the diversity of colors one palette offers the ability to create many different looks. Whether a simple and natural daytime look or something more dramatic for a night out – the right eyeshadow palette offers many different options for a perfect eye look. 

Which Eyeshadow Suits Me Best?

When choosing eyeshadows for the perfect eye makeup some things should be considered. For beginners, natural colors with a medium color payoff are a good starter. With some more experience, also stronger colors in more unusual tones are nice to try. Moreover, the eyeshadow should suit your skin type and complexion. With dry skin, creamy and liquid consistencies work well. With oily skin, rather dry and powdery eyeshadows should be used. Also the skin tone is important when choosing the perfect colors: the more the eyeshadow harmonizes with the skin, the more perfect the eye makeup looks.

Besides the complexion also the eye color takes an important role. In general, everyone with every eye color can wear whatever eyeshadow color they want. Especially neutral looks with earthy tones flatter everyone. But when the colors match really good, the eyes get highlighted and pop out more. Brown eyes match really great with warm earth tones and rosy colors. For more color, all shades of blue and brown as well as olive and violet work beautifully. Red and yellow should rather be left out. With green eyes, warm eathy tones as well as red, copper, orange and warm lilac/magenta match perfectly. Strong blue, turquoise and and green should be waived. Blue eyes are most flattered with rosy and apricot colors as well as orange, bronzy colors and gold. Strong red, green and blue are less of a good match. All eyeshadows not only differ in colors, they also come with different finishes. Many eyeshadows come with a matte or shimmery finish, but also glittery, metallic and duochrome finishes are available in our shop. 

How to Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly

For the eyeshadow to last longer, the eyelids should get prepared similar to the face. Next to a caring lotion an eyeshadow primer builds the perfect foundation for a great eye look. Such a primer extends the wear of the eyeshadow and intensifies the colors and finishes. After blending into the skin, the primer needs to be set with a face powder or complexion-like eyeshadow color. This provides a smooth base for other colors. For a natural look, the crease of the eyelid can now be deepened with a quite natural color. Just take a medium sized blending brush with the preferred eyeshadow color and lightly work it into the crease. All harsh lines can be blended with a soft brush. A shimmery highlight can then be applied to the middle of the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye. With some added mascara a simple yet beautiful eye makeup is complete.

For a more dramatic look many more colors can be added to the crease and eyelid. Whether a halo eye, cut crease or cat eye - there are no limits for creativity. Just one thing is really important: when using more bright and bold colors, you should always start with the lighter colors and gradually add the darker ones. The darkest colors should be applied where the darkest shadows would be naturally. Also the lower lash line should not be forgotten when creating a more intense look, so that the overall looks seems harmonious. For the finishing touches, some more intense matte or shimmery highlights can be set in the middle of the eyelid, under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye. To complete the look, a winged eyeliner and a pair of false eyelashes are a perfect add on.


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