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Blink Lash - Remover - Stylist & Care - 10ml
Remover - Stylist & Care - 10ml
(€158.00 * / 1 Liter)
1,58* €7.90 *

Buy Remover and Remover for false eyelashes and eyelash extensions at kosmetik4less 

Eyelash extensions give your look that certain something and, if you wish, also give it glamour and density. You can choose between a more natural look or a 3D effect with lots of volume and long lashes. At kosmetik4less you can buy beautiful single lashes, which are suitable for a permanent extension of the lashes. Who doesn't dream of an irresistible eye-catcher and that already when waking up? In our shop we have the right dream lashes for you in excellent quality.

Of course you have to be able to remove the lashes again. Therefore you can now buy removers for false eyelashes in our shop. The remover dissolves the lash glue from permanent lashes or lash extensions and removes them gently. The removers make sure that your real eyelashes are not damaged. As soon as you apply the Remover to the artificial lashes, the glue will detach itself from lashes much easier. The brands Ardell, as well as Blink make sure that you have the possibility to change your eyelash look at any time. An important hint is to never pull and tear your permanently glued eyelashes to get them off. This damages your lashes. The eyelash glue for permanent single lashes is much stronger than a normal eyelash glue for eyelash tapes, which can be easily removed in the evening. 

Tips for the care of eyelash extension

A few tips in advance, freshly applied eyelashes should not get wet in the first 24 hours. The adhesive must first obtain its full strength. Mascara should be avoided and when removing make-up, do not rub firmly against the lashes. You can now find false lashes, single lashes, glue, remover and accessories online at kosmetik4less. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or mail at 


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