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Blink - Paper Tape - Micropore
Paper Tape - Micropore
(€2.50 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - Lashbox - Rosegold
Lashbox - Rosegold
(€9.99 / 1 Stück)
-40,0 %
Revolution - Creator 3D Lash Book
Creator 3D Lash Book
(€13.19 / 1 Stück)
13,19* €21.99 *
Amazing Shine - Eyelash Curler
Eyelash Curler
(€2.65 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Silikon Pad
Silikon Pad
(€4.50 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Lint Free - Eye Patch - 5 Packs
Lint Free - Eye Patch - 5 Packs
(€1.90 * / 1 Stück)
Blink - Jadestein
(€4.10 / 1 Stück)
Blink Lash - Stylist & Care - Extension Base - Peach - 15ml
Stylist & Care - Extension Base - Peach - 15ml
(€1,393.33 * / 1 Liter)
Blink - Lash Box - Half Moon Lash Holder
Lash Box - Half Moon Lash Holder
(€9.99 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Glue Plate Film (SW-L)
Glue Plate Film (SW-L)
(€7.25 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Head to practice
Head to practice
(€25.00 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Micro Applicators - 1,5mm - 100 pcs
Micro Applicators - 1,5mm - 100 pcs
(€0.08 * / 1 Stück)
Blink - Glue Exclusive Tape
Glue Exclusive Tape
(€3.32 * / 1 Stück)
Blink - Refills - Lint Free Applicator
Refills - Lint Free Applicator
(€6.95 / 1 Stück)
LA Girl - Eyelash Curler
Eyelash Curler
(€11.95 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Micro Applicators - 2,0mm - Blau - 100 Stück
Micro Applicators - 2,0mm - Blau - 100 Stück
(€0.08 * / 1 Stück)
Blink - Silicone Work Pad Gray Small 55x105mm
Silicone Work Pad Gray Small 55x105mm
(€5.50 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Silicone Work Pad Gray Large 140x185mm
Silicone Work Pad Gray Large 140x185mm
(€11.50 / 1 Stück)
Blink - Lashes brush
Lashes brush
(€2.15 / 1 Stück)

Other Accessories for eyelash extensions

In addition to the ideal false eyelashes you also need the right accessories for a beautiful eyelash extension. Starting with the different tweezers, the different types of eyelash glue to numerous removers, there is here in our shop a wide selection of accessories. Many other tools can facilitate an extension with artificial eyelashes moreover yet.

eyelashes Tweezers & applicators are super helper

Good tweezers facilitate attachment of false eyelashes greatly, because you can work much more targeted manner than the fingers. The various tweezers can be initially bent using the form in and just divide tweezers. What tweezers, then, is best for me? The straight tweezers allow itself exactly accommodate the smallest lashes and to apply to the natural lashes. The curved tweezers are particularly well suited to the individual natural eyelashes to separate precisely and thus be able to attach the single eyelash accurate. The applicator has it much easier, only a thin film Lash Glue apply to the lashes band and this evenly distributed. It then requires no additional aids such as more cotton swab or the like. Remove

eyelash glue

Can the artificial eyelashes often use? Yes, with a little care. When the dried eyelash glue wary of Strip Lashes away, you can use almost all false eyelashes frequently. It is best to use for this purpose a specially suitable remover also Remover called. When the Fake Lashes are exempt from any adhesive residues, they can put them back into the package and keep them safe until their next use.

How to remove the remaining lashes with an eyelash extension?

After you achieved to make an eyelash extension and there have already passed several weeks have already failed a few false eyelashes. It looks unfortunately no longer beautiful. When initially planning any new extension you can remove the remaining false eyelashes with a suitable remover. But you should necessarily ensure a professional remover for lashes use to conserve the natural eyelashes! Numerous super suitable Remover there in our shop.

How to protect skin from adhesive residue?

Special Eye Patches protect the area of ​​skin underneath the eye in front of the ideal eyelash glue and before eyelashes. A great side effect is that they donate the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles effectively moisture! A cheaper alternative to the eye pads is multi-purpose and retention sheet or medical tape from Viskoseflies. It is gentle to the skin, hypoallergenic and breathable protects the skin also well before adhesive residues.

Lash Primer & co. The Lash primer prepares to the eye area ideal for a Eyelash extension or artificial eyelashes before. Existing oil is removed and clean the skin gently. The eyelash glue can dry faster and thereby the false eyelashes last longer. More care products also help that the false eyelashes last longer and look much maintained.


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