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essence - nail cuticle remover pen
nail cuticle remover pen
(€2.49 / 1 Stück)
Catrice - Cuticle Remover - 90% Natural Cuticle Remover
Cuticle Remover - 90% Natural Cuticle Remover
(€328.57 * / 1 Liter)
Catrice - Nail Oil
Nail Oil
(€431.25 * / 1 Liter)
Catrice - Nail Repair Strengthening Ridge Filler
Nail Repair Strengthening Ridge Filler
(€284.76 * / 1 Liter)
Catrice - Magic Repair Nail Oil
Magic Repair Nail Oil
(€3.79 / 1 Stück)
Catrice - Nail Oil - 99% Natural Nail Oil
Nail Oil - 99% Natural Nail Oil
(€3.45 / 1 Stück)
Catrice - Nail Repair Cuticle Remover
Nail Repair Cuticle Remover
(€360.95 * / 1 Liter)
Long4Lashes - Nails Intensive Stimulating Serum - 10 ml
Nails Intensive Stimulating Serum - 10 ml
(€999.00 * / 1 Liter)
Catrice - Nail Primer + Cleansing Spray
Nail Primer + Cleansing Spray
(€379.00 * / 1 Liter)

Great nail care products online at kosmetik4less

Well manicured nails the finishing touch to any outfit ! Either you wear but even the color matching Topcoat also clean manicured nails round the overall impression. In both variants, a good nail care is essential. The color coating lasts much longer and improving the overall complexion, if the nails are well maintained. Without color paint a good nail care is much more visible. In everyday life, every woman it happens probably again and again that a nail breaks or a piece of tear away. In order to keep the damage as small as possible, it is highly recommended to always have a small manicure set case, especially a good nail file is essential.

Nail oil, nail hardener and refiller are perfect companions for the manicure

With the fingernails can also close to the health of people - grooves, brittle nails, stains and strips are often an indication of a shortage, for example, by a wrong diet. Here one should investigate wodrin the cause could be one. In addition, you can but also improve the nail itself through various nail care products. Nail Oil is especially recommended when the nails often painted, since both the paint and the nail polish remover the nail bed and the make nail dry and brittle. Tends to be a cracked skin and brittle or splintering fingernails, can nail oil also help. Nail oils serve the skin to maintain around the nail and to strengthen the horn. Ideally, one uses the nail oil at night before going to bed at. For very dry skin and brittle nails can be the oil also often use a day. If one maintains the nails, one first starts with a warm hand bath to prepare the nails well. A scrub can here additionally help to remove old skin cells and make skin and nails more receptive to the care materials. For maintenance with oil, the finger should have been pushed back gently free from paint residues and cuticles. After the hand bath and scrub to massage the nail oil gently and thoroughly into the skin and into the nail. It is recommended that nails not thereafter washing allow the oil to soak in overnight. A good care product especially for brittle, dry or chapped fingernails. He works as a barrier that keeps water and chemicals. Special care ingredients also help to cure the nails and rebuild. So you can nail harder Apply to strengthen fingernails long. The use case is simple. The nail hardener is simply applied like a normal nail polish on the nail unpainted. You only have to ensure that the nail is free from paint residues and fats. Who grooves in the nail surface can nail care products use to replenish this. The so-called Ridge Filler fill these grooves and thus give a more even surface. The nail looks characterized by significantly maintained and a color coat can be applied more evenly. Again, the application is carried out on the unpainted, cleaned nail. You just have to wait until it is completely dry.


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