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Wigs online at kosmetik4lessshoppen

You are dissatisfied with your real hair, wishes you a spontaneous changes, would you like to have a new hair color or a flash long hair? Then you should definitely wigs of Forever Young to try! With wigs you in no time the hairstyle that you've always wanted and that is just right for the occasion.

Long hair in seconds - Discover beautiful wigs at Kosmetik4less

Faster than a wig can not extend you your hair. If you ever want a waist-length mane try instead of your short hair, Lavishly Wild is the right model for you. Conversely, it also works: You love your long hair, but sometimes you might would prefer a fashionable Bob? Even then helps a wig quickly out of necessity, without you having to leave your own hair cut. Between very, very short and very, very long all lengths are possible. Matching the wigs you can find at the store and also many artificial eyelashes , for example, of lenilash , Amazing Shine or Red Cherry .

Coloring colorful hair without hair - Kosmetik4less makes it possible

gaudy colorful hair to Carnival and Carnival reach you the easiest and most gentle, if you do not your own hair the rigors of dyeing exposes, but instead touches a wig. Unusual colors with which you attract attention guaranteed check at kosmetik4less. But also for theater performances and events wigs are ideal, because so have easily all performers the same, optimally about right hairstyle. For the right Makeup where you'll find everything you need from us. For example, the extensive eye shadow palettes by BH Cosmetics . Also, if you ever feel like another natural hair color have just from time to time, can this dream realized quickly with a wig and easily reversed. Also in diseases affecting the hair or can even fail, sometimes a wig for sufferers is the best solution.

Wig aud human hair or synthetic hair?

wigs are made of real human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are very expensive. A good alternative to wigs are made of synthetic hair, which cost only a fraction of a human hair wig. Here you have to however pay particular attention to the quality, because there are both very good, and very bad synthetic hair. The wigs in our online shop are made of high quality synthetic hair that is so fine and shines, as if it were real. The hair falls naturally and tie is not so that the hairstyle lasts long and looks good. With proper care, can also be a synthetic wig accompany you for many years. Untangle verklettetes hair always carefully by hand and not with a brush, as you could otherwise pulling out hair. In addition, the hairdo stays in better shape when you lagerst on a mannequin head and not lay flat in a drawer. Wash you do not have your artificial hair of course, because it can not be greasy. Should it be even necessary to clean your wig, then do so gently and without pulling on the hair. A tip for last: In order to hide your own hair and to give the wig better grip, use a wig net under the wig. As a perfect complement to your new hairstyle you'll find a large assortment of Makeup code in our online store, for example, from Makeup Revolution, essence oder Catrice.


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