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lenilash - False Eyelashes Black  No. 119 - Human Hair
False Eyelashes Black No. 119 - Human Hair
(€2.95 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - False Eyelashes Black No. 117 - Human Hair
False Eyelashes Black No. 117 - Human Hair
(€2.95 / 1 Stück)
DUO - Striplash Adhesive - 7g - Clear
Striplash Adhesive - 7g - Clear
(€100.00 * / 100 g)
lenilash - False Eyelashes Black No. 135 - Human Hair
False Eyelashes Black No. 135 - Human Hair
(€2.95 / 1 Stück)
Red Cherry - False Eyelashes - Nude Onyx - Human Hair
False Eyelashes - Nude Onyx - Human Hair
(€3.25 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - False Eyelashes Black No. 121 - Human Hair
False Eyelashes Black No. 121 - Human Hair
(€2.95 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - False Eyelashes Black No. 120 - Human Hair
False Eyelashes Black No. 120 - Human Hair
(€2.95 / 1 Stück)
lenilash - 3D-Eyelashes - Black - Magic
3D-Eyelashes - Black - Magic
(€7.95 / 1 Stück)
-69,9 %
lenilash - False Eyelashes - Feather Lashes 308
False Eyelashes - Feather Lashes 308
(€0.98 / 1 Stück)
0,98* €3.25 *
Red Cherry - False Eyelashes - Balencia
False Eyelashes - Balencia
(€3.25 / 1 Stück)
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False eyelashes add glamour and give every makeup look a special effect. With fake lashes, you can add volume, length or color and thus create a different appearance depending on the desired look and occasion. False eyelashes are available as single lashes or eyelash bands and are either made of human hair or synthetic fibers. In our online shop you will find flare eyelashes, JBCD curls, single mink lashes and single silk eyelashes in the category individual eyelashes. We also carry a variety of 3D eyelashes, effect and feather eyelashes as well as regular upper and lower eyelashes. Based on our many years of experience in the genre of cosmetics and especially in eyelashes, we developed the eyelash brand lenilash, which quickly became one of our most selling brands. Besides lenilash we also carry other popular eyelash brands, for example Red CherryArdellAmazing ShineBlinkEylureessenceCatrice and Absolute New York.

Discover the Variety of False Eyelashes and Single Lashes at kosmetik4less

Individual eyelashes are, as the name implies, eyelashes that can be placed and removed individually. Depending on which effect is desired, the number of used individual lashes can vary. Also flare eyelashes of different intensities and individual lengths can be used to create an individual look. Classic false eyelashes have the lashes attached to a thin black or transparent band which is meant to be glued to the eyelid. The lash band can, with a little practice, be easily glued on and removed. For this, one removes the eyelash strip out of the package with a pair of eyelash tweezers, thinly applies the eyelash glue to the tape, lets it dry briefly and then places the eyelash band as near as possible to the natural lashes. Depending on your taste, the false eyelashes can then be covered with mascara. Meanwhile false eyelashes became a must-have of a perfect eye make-up, they always give the right amount of glamour and complete any eye look. Eyelash bands are available in many different variations, so everyone can find a pair that fits.

Order a selection of eyelash adhesives and eyelash accessories online

Of course, false eyelashes need the right eyelash glue. Especially popular and well-known is the adhesive from DUO, but also Amazing Shine or Ardell are well-known brands that sell adhesives. For both eyelash extensions and false lash bands there are different variants of glue available. For example, DUO offers an adhesive which is white and dries down transparent. It guarantees a strong hold, but can be easily washed off with make-up remover and is made of skin-friendly latex. Especially allergic persons should pay attention to the ingredients when buying eyelash glue, but many suppliers also offer latex-free eyelash glue. Just as important as sticking down is also the gentle removal of the glue, because the skin on the eye area is very thin and sensitive.

For the correct attachment of false eyelashes the right tools are essential. Special eyelash tweezers and eyelash applicators facilitate the attachment of false eyelashes immensely. In our cosmetics online shop you will find many different tweezers and applicators from different brands in a stylish design. One of our favorites is the eyelash applicator by lenilash in a trendy rose gold. The Vetus Eyelash Tweezers by Blink Lash, which are light and easy to handle and available with different shaped tips, are especially helpful for single lashes. Also for professional makeup artists we have the necessary eyelash tools for eyelash extensions. Whether high-quality mink and silk lashes, which are particularly fine and light, or individual lashes with a certain type of curl (J-,B-, C-, D-Curl), we carry almost everything that professionals need. This includes, of course, other tools for attaching eyelash extensions: applied on a jade stone the glue stays liquid for longer, with a small tool that blows out air it dries faster. For protection of the eyes during eyelash application we offer medical tapes and caring eye pads.

Our Bestselling False Eyelashes

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