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Nabla - Skin Realist Beautifying Tinted Balm - 7 Deep
Skin Realist Beautifying Tinted Balm - 7 Deep
(€312.50 * / 1 Liter)
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Catrice - Clean ID 24H Hyper Hydro Skin Tint 070 - Cool Copper
Clean ID 24H Hyper Hydro Skin Tint 070 - Cool Copper
(€108.00 * / 1 Liter)
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If a light product is desired that very gently conjures up a beautiful complexion and at the same time balances the skin texture, a tinted day care cream is the right choice. Such a tinted day cream is like a normal skin care cream, but contains additional colour pigments that reduce redness, balance discolouration of the skin and give the skin a fresh glow. In addition to the normal tinted day creams, special BB and CC creams have additional ingredients that are tailored to different skin types and can therefore provide even more intensive care. The light formulation of tinted care creams is a good option especially in summer. At higher temperatures, too much make-up is unpleasant and also very impractical in the swimming pool, on the beach or at the lake. If you still don't want to do without beautiful skin, you should use BB or CC cream. But also for skin that shows little or no problems, a tinted care is the right choice, as small redness or discolorations are gently concealed. Many tinted day creams also contain an additional sun protection factor which protects the skin from harmful sunlight. This not only prevents skin diseases but also premature skin aging.

Which tinted day cream suits my skin and how do I use it correctly?

When choosing the right tinted skin care cream, you should first pay attention to your skin type. For normal or rather dry skin, a simple BB cream or a normal tinted skin care is sufficient. These products hide small blemishes and let the skin shine. BB-Creams also provide a lot of moisture and additionally care for the skin. If you have rather oily or impure skin, you should pay special attention that the chosen product is suitable for these skin types in order to achieve an optimal result. For more severe impurities, redness or small wrinkles, a CC-Cream is the right choice, as it covers a little more and improves the skin appearance in the long term. The abbreviation CC stands for Complexion Correction.


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