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Ziaja - Coconut Lip Balm
Coconut Lip Balm
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essence - HIGH BEAUTY caring lip balm
HIGH BEAUTY caring lip balm
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Revolution Pro - Sugar Lip Scrub
Sugar Lip Scrub
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Ziaja - Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
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essence - Lipbalm - fruit kiss caring lip balm 02 - Cherry Love
Lipbalm - fruit kiss caring lip balm 02 -...
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Catrice - Hemp & Mint Glow Lip Balm 010 - High On Life
Hemp & Mint Glow Lip Balm 010 - High On Life
(€4.95 / 1 Stück)
Ziaja - Natural Olive Lip Balm
Natural Olive Lip Balm
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I Heart Makeup - Lipbalm - I Heart My Lips - Milk Chocolate
Lipbalm - I Heart My Lips - Milk Chocolate
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Holika Holika - Holi Pop Lip Oil
Holi Pop Lip Oil
(€9.95 / 1 Stück)
J.Cat - Invisible Matte Lip Makeup Remover
Invisible Matte Lip Makeup Remover
(€33.00 * / 100 ml)
Revolution - Skincare Lip Colour Remover
Skincare Lip Colour Remover
(€53.00 * / 100 ml)
Makeup Obsession - So Balm Lip Balm - Sherbert
So Balm Lip Balm - Sherbert
(€39.67 * / 100 ml)
SKINFOOD - Lipbalm - Avocado & Olive Lip Balm
Lipbalm - Avocado & Olive Lip Balm
(€82.92 * / 100 ml)
APIEU - cair balm - Madecassoside Cica Balm
cair balm - Madecassoside Cica Balm
(€93.33 * / 100 ml)
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Order the perfect lip care online at kosmetik4less

Sensual, soft lips every woman desires, but often our lips are exposed to many environmental influences such as cold, wind, rain or extreme heat and thus lose their suppleness. Unfortunately, many women neglect the lip care in everyday life, which takes revenge at the latest when applying lipstick, because brittle lips look make-up not really better - on the contrary, they look unsightly. Care should be taken to pay particular attention to the care of the lips, because, unlike the rest of the skin, lips do not have sebaceous glands that lubricate the skin and protect it from drying out. Of course, there are other causes of dry lips such as vitamin deficiency or the constant moistening of the lips with the tongue. No matter what the cause is, lip care is just important and should not be neglected in the daily care routine. By the way, even the UV protection must not be missing in the lips, because especially the delicate and sensitive skin is greatly endangered by sunlight. In addition to our wide selection of lipsticks, lip gloss and liquid lipsticks, our cosmetics online shop also offers great moisturizing lip balms and care sticks, brands such as Milani, Makeup Revolution, essence, Catrice and many more that keep your lips supple.

Discover the variety of lip balm - Colorful, glossy, with or without fragrance at kosmetik4less you have the choice

Lip balm or lip care stick is a skin care product that has been specially adapted to the properties of the lips and is intended to protect and care for the lips. The difference to lipsticks is that the cosmetic aspect is secondary. In the meantime, however, there are a multitude of lip care products that combine the cosmetic and the caring aspects, and vice versa, of course. The choice of balms is large: with their glossy finish they are even better than any ordinary lip gloss due to their care effect. You can buy them in different forms: Very simple in a small box, as a pen or to push out of a small tube. Lip balm is not only available in different consistencies, but also with different fragrances. For example, we love lip care Lip Treatment 010 from the cosmetics brand Catrice. This creamy lip care has a refreshingly subtle lemon scent and supplies dry lips with plenty of moisture due to the shea butter content. The handy glass jar is perfect for taking small quantities and fits into even the smallest beauty bags. They are also ideal as gifts, because Lipbalms are loved by almost everyone and because they are not necessarily expensive, they are the perfect souvenir or a nice attention for between. We offer other products for your lips, for example from the brands Makeup Revolution, essence , Catrice and many more.

Great tips for delicate lips at kosmetik4less

Lip care is an important issue in every season. In the summer you should, in addition to back and shoulders, do not forget to protect your lips from the sun and its UV rays. And in winter, the dry heating air and the cold from the outside are especially conducive to your lips. Therefore, a lip balm should always be found in your purse, so you can also maintain your lips on the go. In our online shop you will find great products that are ideal for at home and on the go. But did you know that you can also make yourself a lip peeling that removes annoying skin cells? All you need is some brown or white sugar, honey and some olive or coconut oil. The sugar provides the necessary grain to remove the dead skin cells, the honey has anti-inflammatory and tastes good and the oil cares at the same time. Just take 2 teaspoons (TL) of sugar, 2 teaspoons of honey, 3 teaspoons of oil and mix it. Do not heat, as this dissolves the sugar crystals and the peeling effect is gone. Apply the scrub generously to your lips and massage it in. To apply you can either use the fingers or a toothbrush, the bristles promote blood circulation and the lips have a nice rosy afterwards. Once all skin cells have been removed, wipe off the rest of the scrub with a damp cloth. If you like you can after the scrub on your lips a little honey or better Quark give, leave for about 5 minutes and then gently remove. This provides extra lip regeneration and extra care. Finally, put on a bit of lipbalm and voila, your lips are wonderfully soft and supple. By the way, lip care can also take place from the inside, because even your lips thank you, if you take enough liquid to you. Ideally would be at least 2 liters of water per day and a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Our lip care favorites for you at a glance:

Catrice - Lip Treatment - 010Milani - Lip balm - Keep It Smooth Luxe Lip Treatment - Sugar SmoothCatrice - Lip Oil 010♥ Makeup Revolution - Lip ConditionerI Heart Makeup - Lip balm - I Heart My Lips - Milk Chocolate


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