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+ Gratis Palette
Nabla - Eyeshadow Palette - Read My Mind Palette
Eyeshadow Palette - Read My Mind Palette
(€2,078.13 * / 1 kg)
+ Gratis Palette
+ Gratis Palette
Nabla - Vicious Mascara
Vicious Mascara
(€2,390.00 * / 1 Liter)
+ Gratis Palette
Nabla - Beyond Jelly Lipstick - Nocturna
Beyond Jelly Lipstick - Nocturna
(€23.00 / 1 Stück)
-20,0 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Catrice - Online Exclusives - Daisy ...in a box
Online Exclusives - Daisy ...in a box
(€19.96 / 1 Stück)
19,96* €24.95 *
Red Cherry - 4Pack - Wispy
4Pack - Wispy
(€19.95 / 1 Stück)
-40,0 %
Ofra - Signature Palette - Lipstick Variety
Signature Palette - Lipstick Variety
(€1,800.00 * / 1 kg)
18,-* €30.00 *
-10,0 %
Jon Renau - Synthetic Fiber Hair Care - HD Smooth Detangler 8.5oz
Synthetic Fiber Hair Care - HD Smooth Detangler 8.5oz
(€68.40 * / 1 Liter)
17,10* €19.00 *
+ Gratis Palette
-60,0 %
kosmetik4less - Goodie Bag - Mystery Bag - 40 Euro Beauty Goodie Bag
Goodie Bag - Mystery Bag - 40 Euro Beauty Goodie Bag
(€15.99 / 1 Stück)
15,99* €40.00 *
Eveline Cosmetics - Puder - Variete - Hydra Loose Powder
Puder - Variete - Hydra Loose Powder
(€3,096.00 * / 1 kg)
Eveline Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Palette - Angel Dream
Eyeshadow Palette - Angel Dream
(€1,201.67 * / 1 kg)
-10,0 %
+ Gratis Pinseltasche
lenibrush - Brush Cup Holder - Pink Crocodile
Brush Cup Holder - Pink Crocodile
(€13.49 / 1 Stück)
13,49* €14.99 *
+ Gratis Geschenk
Chat D'Or - Parfüm - BLACK MEN - 100ml
Parfüm - BLACK MEN - 100ml
(€119.90 * / 1 Liter)
Chat D'Or - Parfüm - MI Women - 100ml
Parfüm - MI Women - 100ml
(€119.90 * / 1 Liter)
Chat D'Or - Parfüm  -  ACQUA MEN - 100ml
Parfüm - ACQUA MEN - 100ml
(€119.90 * / 1 Liter)
Chat D'Or - Parfüm - QUINTUS - 100ml
Parfüm - QUINTUS - 100ml
(€119.90 * / 1 Liter)
-50,0 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Revolution - Eyeshadow Palette - Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette
Eyeshadow Palette - Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette
(€458.33 * / 1 kg)
11,-* €21.99 *
-50,0 %
+ Gratis Geschenk
Ziaja - Goats Milk Gift Set
Goats Milk Gift Set
(€10.99 / 1 Stück)
Eveline Cosmetics - Royal Caviar Therapy Day Cream 50+ 50Ml
Royal Caviar Therapy Day Cream 50+ 50Ml
(€216.40 * / 1 Liter)
Eveline Cosmetics - Prestige 24K Snail&Caviar Serum
Prestige 24K Snail&Caviar Serum
(€597.78 * / 1 Liter)
Ziaja - Men Gift Set
Men Gift Set
(€10.49 / 1 Stück)
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Cosmetics Onlineshop with huge selection

Kosmetik4less offers you a variety of products that will expand and enrich your makeup collection. Let yourself be inspired by our offers and the large product selection. Browse through the categories false eyelashes, face, eyes, care and brushes and many more and discover a new feeling to put on make-up. Are you looking for the latest makeup trends, are you looking for national and international top brands or just need the products for a perfect, discreet everyday look? Then kosmetik4less is the right place for you. Our product range offers a huge selection of trendy makeup, which should not be missing in your collection under any circumstances. From the Foundation, the Concealer, Rouge, Bronzer and Highlighter to classic lipsticks for every lip colour, creamy lipglosses and sensual Liquid Lipsticks to seductive eyeliner, noble highly pigmented eye shadows and Co. you will find everything to make your beauty heart beat faster. Various nail polishes in all colours and designs round off our makeup range, but also helpful tools and accessories, such as nail files in 3x makeup design from essence, cosmetic bags, stencils, empty pallets, cotton swabs to theatre make-up for every skin and in all shades of colour and much more you can shop at kosmetik4less. Please give us a call or send us a message for detailed advice on the variety of branded products in our online shop. Whether decorative cosmetics or skin care - our team will be happy to give you tips and recommendations. Via the detailed menu items in our online shop you can quickly and specifically search for your favourite products from popular trend brands such as Makeup Revolution London, essence, Catrice and Milani Cosmetics. Visit our online shop and social media channels regularly and don't miss a single hip beauty trend or the latest collection.


The right facial makeup with the right make-up technique brings out every face perfectly. At least the following basic elements belong to a face make-up

  • Lips Cosmetics
  • Eye make-up the perfect eyelid line
  • Mascara for beautiful eyelashes
  • Facial makeup for a beautiful complexion

Of course the choice for the makeup depends on the type. Are you a spring type, summer type or autumn type? The undertone of your skin plays an important role. What is your eye colour? Do you always use lipstick? The right make-up for a beautiful complexion also helps to conceal skin blemishes, redness or dark circles. There are foundations for this in every skin tone and for every skin type. There are products with 50 different colour nuances - shades for every colour type. It does not always have to be natural cosmetics, more important for us is that the beauty products are not developed with the use of animal experiments. Make-up is no longer reserved for the use of women - make-up has long been used by more and more men to increase their attractiveness. For the application of beauty products, brushes or sponges are usually used. You will find these accessories for daily use in our shop.


We are pleased that we can count many theatres among our customers. Theatrical make-up or stage make-up must be perfect and visible from afar at every performance. Strongly pigmented powder, strong lip colour in all colour nuances... Our theatre make-up leaves nothing to be desired.


Buy make-up and make-up

At kosmetik4less you can browse through a huge selection of makeup products from absolute top brands. Whether make-up, foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow, lipstick or gift sets - in our online shop you are guaranteed to find exactly the right product for you! Our assortment is always extended with great, new products and brands, so that you don't miss any beauty trend. With trend brands like essence, Makeup Revolution and Catrice you will also find many international brands in our portfolio. We are especially in love with the colourful and super pigmented eye shadow palettes from Rude Cosmetics, packed in a unique design. The first step to a perfect makeup is an impeccable, even base. For this you will find many different primers in our shop, among others from popular manufacturers like L.O.V, L.A. Girl and NYX. These little helpers make sure that your facial makeup doesn't slowly but surely run away during the day. They conceal redness and pores and soothe stressed skin. Especially on dry skin they can provide additional moisture and create a matt finish on oily, shiny skin. Foundation, concealer and powder are exactly the right partners for a beautiful complexion. In our shop you can choose from many foundations of different well-known brands. They are available in liquid or powdery consistency. But also Mousse Foundation and BB Creams are very popular, because they adapt very well to your own skin color. Our bestsellers are the concealers from the Conceal and Define collection of Makeup Revolution. And not only because of their strong coverage, they come in many different shades. To give your face a beautiful glow effect, a highlighter in the cheek bone area is perfect. In our Eyeshadow Online Shop you can choose from a wide range of brands such as Nabla, I Heart Revolution, Makeup Revolution and Rude Cosmetics and you are sure to find your favourite colour. To create the perfect look for your eyes, you can of course leave out fake eyelashes in your makeup bag. At kosmetik4less we have high-quality and popular lashes from Red Cherry and Amazing Shine. We are especially proud of our own brand lenilash. Of course you will also find all the products you need for a problem-free bonding of artificial eyelashes, such as eyelash glue from the brand DUO and eyelash applicators.


Buy false eyelashes at a good price

Wrong eyelashes are often underestimated. Many people think they can only be worn at carnivals or special occasions, otherwise they appear too artificial. But false eyelashes are much more versatile. Of course there are colourful and unusual effect and feather eyelashes, which are ideal for a stage performance or carnival. But there are also natural upper eyelashes, which emphasize your natural eyelashes and are therefore very suitable for everyday use. Flares can also appear very natural when used sparingly and are therefore also suitable for both everyday and evening events. But even if dramatic eyelashes are desired, our shop offers the right products. The new trend of 3D eyelashes is gaining more and more acceptance, and this is quite justified. This type of false eyelashes convinces with a lot of drama due to its high volume, but due to the special arrangement of the eyelash hair it is much less artificial than conventional eyelash bands. In order to find the ideal pair of false eyelashes for every taste and every eye shape, we offer different models of our own brand lenilash in the style of 3D eyelashes. The eyelashes are made of synthetic hair, but due to the special arrangement and shape of the eyelashes they look like real hair eyelashes. In addition, the eyelashes with their flexible tape can be glued very easily and with little effort. To match this, lenilash also offers stylish applicators that make it easy to attach the eyelashes, as well as a pretty box that keeps your favourite pairs of eyelashes safe. You can also find the matching glue in our shop. The popular adhesives of the brands DUO, Red Cherry and essence are particularly suitable for eyelash bands and tufted eyelashes. But we also offer the right products for professionals: at kosmetik4less we have all the products needed for a professional eyelash lengthening. In our shop you will find long-lasting adhesives and the matching remover from brands such as Blink and Ardell as well as other accessories such as tweezers, applicators and containers for storing eyelashes.


Order high quality skin care products online at kosmetik4less

At kosmetik4less you will find a large selection of highlighters and bronzer pallets as well as many products for the ideal skin care for every skin type. A well-groomed and well-cleansed skin is the perfect basis for a beautiful look. Whether you tend to dry skin, mixed skin or have problems with redness and skin impurities, in our online shop we offer you a large selection of products for daily care. From face cleansing, refreshing toners, gentle care creams and cleansing face masks to special face oils and one or the other serum: with us you will find the perfect care products for every skin type. Also Asian care, which is currently very trendy, is represented in our shop with brands such as Holika Holika and It's Skin.


Day creams are the perfect little helper so that the skin can be optimally prepared for make-up. Simply apply Day Cream in front of the primer and foundation and the skin is moisturized throughout the day. The lips are of course also important for extensive facial care. With a nourishing Lip Balm you can prepare them perfectly for the application of a lipstick.


In addition to facial care, body care is also very important. In the category body care there are basics like shower gel and body lotion, but also great peelings and massage oils. The fresh body sprays and caring body oils provide a special extra of care. For a pleasant smell, a freshly scented perfume is of course a must. You will also find not only great fragrances, but also deodorants from the Ziaja care brand. Of course we have not only care products for women, but also for men in our assortment. In our boys category you can discover various Men Skin Care products, such as shower gels or face creams. Of course, the hair should not be forgotten during the care routine. So nothing stands in the way of perfect hair styling in every situation. To keep your hair supple and shiny, you should regularly treat it with the right products. For every type of hair our online shop offers numerous shampoos, conditioners and cures that clean and care for the hair. You can also find some products for styling your hair. If that's not enough, you'll find various temporary and permanent hair colors that will give you an extraordinary look for special occasions.


The ideal cosmetic brushes for perfect makeup

The right cosmetic brushes are essential if you want to make up a perfect makeup. With them you can evenly distribute creamy products, gently blend powder products and draw precise lines. But which cosmetic brush is the right one? There are special brushes for every purpose: firmly bound, flat brushes are ideal for creamy products such as foundation, concealer and liquid highlighters. The soft sponges from Beautyblender, Real Techniques or essence also work these products evenly into the skin. Powder, bronzer and blush can be gently applied and veneered with a large, fluffy brush. Highlighter can be applied with many different brush shapes, fan brushes, setting brushes or larger aperture brushes are ideal. For eye shadow there are numerous brushes with different shapes, strengths and densities. Whether large aperture brush, flat packing brush or small pencil brush - the choice is huge. See for yourself through the different categories and let yourself be inspired by our variety.


Carnival and Halloween - we are there!

We are looking forward to carnival and Halloween. Whether for carnival make-up or stage make-up, to complete the look of carnival costumes / Halloween costumes or the eye makeup. With us you will find everything that concerns beauty and beauty products.


Free gifts and cosmetics Free samples with your order at kosmetik4less

Already with a purchase in the value of 5€ you can secure yourselves with your order one of our free gifts. The higher the value of your order, the more varied is the offer of free gifts and free samples. Simply add your selected free gift to the shopping cart at the end of your order. There are a few free gifts that are tied to buying a specific brand of product. So the gift will only be visible when a certain value of the brand has been reached. So that you can always choose from new products when placing your order, we regularly exchange the free products and add new ones. The withdrawal period for orders is fourteen days. If you order make-up from us and do not pay immediately, you will automatically receive a reminder mail after a few days. After the second or third reminder mail the order will be cancelled (of course free of charge for you). With each order the ordered branded products are reserved for you in our warehouse, so if you do not react to a repeated reminder email, we would like to be able to offer the products again to other customers. The reminder email will automatically be sent to the email address used for the order. We always have 10,000 different make-up and make-up favorites in stock and are happy to send them to you very quickly. A cancellation of the order is quite uncomplicated possible, contact our personal service or read the cancellation conditions in our online shop. Especially during the Christmas season, Revolution and other brands offer a variety of gift sets. These gift sets are usually much cheaper than buying the branded products individually. Often you get make up or make up which is not available individually. Of course there are also free gifts to choose from.


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