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Ardell - Lashgrip - 7g
Lashgrip - 7g
(€55.71 * / 100 g)
Ardell - Natural Eyelashes - Baby Wispies
Natural Eyelashes - Baby Wispies
(€5.45 / 1 Stck.)
Ardell - False Eyelashes - Faux Mink - 811 - 4er Pack
False Eyelashes - Faux Mink - 811 - 4er Pack
(€22.45 / 1 Stck.)
Ardell - False Eyelashes - Faux Mink 812
False Eyelashes - Faux Mink 812
(€6.95 / 1 Stck.)
Ardell - Pro Lash Applicator
Pro Lash Applicator
(€4.50 / 1 Stck.)
-30,0 %
Ardell - Brow Perfection Stencils
Brow Perfection Stencils
(€1.14 * / 1 Stck.)
4,55* €6.50 *

Ardell Accessories for lashextensions

In 1971, Arnold and Sydell Miller founded one of the world's best selling brands of false eyelashes. The name ARDELL stands for a blend of Arnold and Sydell, quickly grew in popularity and prompted the founders to expand the range.However, they remained true to their motto, to allow women beautiful and unforgettable eyes. Apart from the quality of the selected eyelashes, the accessories also play an important role. For what use the most beautiful eyelashes, if they fall off after a short time by itself again? To prevent this, there are many different eyelash glue from Ardell in our shop. In addition, the brand also offers other accessories for a perfect eye relief.

Ardell Eyelash Glue

In the case of the Ardell eyelash adhesives, a distinction is made between the adhesives for eyelash bands and the individual eyelashes. The adhesive for the normal eyelash bands is designed to last a day or an entire night. Afterwards, the eyelashes are removed and can be glued on the next day. The application of the adhesive for permanent eyelashes, however, belongs in professional hands. This glue lasts up to six weeks and is also much more resistant to heat and moisture. The eyelashes are unlike the eyelash bands also not attached to the eyelid but glued to the natural, real eyelashes. Due to the significantly increased adhesive power, eyelash extensions with single lashes should only be performed by a trained specialist, for example in a beauty salon.

Other accessories for eyelash extensions

There are various tools to make eyelash extensions easier. For example, Ardell offers eyelash applicators. With them you can effortlessly apply the eyelashes without sticky hands or Tweezers to have. They hold the eyelashes in shape and adapt to the eye. If you have an eyelash lengthening made, which is already a few weeks ago, are already many eyelashes failed. This does not look quite as nice and if you do not initially plan a new extension, you can make the remaining single lashes with a suitable Remover . Use a professional remover for single lashes! This remover loosens the eyelash glue and helps to remove the remaining single eyelashes effortlessly. This method saves the real eyelashes, since no unnecessarily strong rubbing is required.


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