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How to makeup your eyes -eye make up instructions

A complete make-up not only includes foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick and Co., eye makeup also plays a major role. So that the eyes next to skin and lips can be particularly beautifully staged, you can use a few small tricks that make your own eye shape and thus the face appear even more harmonious. With these make-up tips, the eyes can be made up larger or smaller, the shape can be changed optically, or the eye color can be emphasized with suitable eye shadow colors in order to make them shine. Additional false eyelashes make for a great look. The make-up does not always have to be dramatic and glamorous, even with a natural look, the eyes can be emphasized step by step, for example with a eyeliner or kohl. You don't have to be a make-up artist to understand how makeup works, because every beginner starts with small steps and with time and a little practice it will be easier and easier for you to create your own make-up look. In the following we will give you some tips that will make it easy for you to put on make-up or make-up yourself. We also give you advice on the right products that both men and women can use for different occasions. The make-up instructions will also help glasses wearers to conjure up a great look with the perfect eyeliner and matching mascara. We also give a few great tips and make-up instructions for pulling your eyebrows, pulling a perfect eyeliner and for beautiful smokey eyes like a professional.

How to create the perfect eyeliner

An elegant eyeliner can highlight the makeup particularly well. With a little practice, applying makeup to an eyeliner is not that difficult. Once the right shape is found to match the eye shape, the eyeliner can be pulled in the morning in no time at all. The line should run as close as possible and without gaps to the lash line, so that the lashes are visually condensed. If you want to pull a wing, you'd better start small. You can extend it bit by bit afterwards. It is easiest if the wing is the extension of the line of the lower lash line from the angle. So the eyeliner looks very harmonious. Small mistakes or irregularities can be easily repaired with concealer afterwards. Tip: If you wear glasses, you should take great care when pulling off the eyeliner or kohl, as the glasses can direct your eyes to the eyes and highlight bumps. So prefer to draw a thin line on the eyelid from the inner to the outer corner of the eye and then emphasize the eyelashes with a little mascara. This also brings out the eyes with glasses. Which make-up technique you ultimately use is of course up to you. In addition to classic black, Kajal and Eyeliner are of course available in many other, including bright, colors. Here you can simply choose your favorite color or a tone that matches the eye colors. Complementary colors are usually used here so that the eyes can be made to shine and your eyes become irresistible. With blue eyes, brown and orange tones have a great effect. Green eyes look particularly beautiful in combination with pink, purple or magenta. If you have brown eyes, they are highlighted with blue and dusky pink to lilac.

how to bring eyebrows in shape

There are also helpful tips and tricks for the eyebrows. How to make up your eyebrows perfectly, you can see in this step by step make-up instructions:


Step 1: Comb the eyebrows into shape with a small brush. Then use an eyebrow pomade and a brush or a fine eyebrow pencil to trace the lower edge of the eyebrows, thereby closing gaps and unevenness. Draw small vertical hairs in the front of the eyebrows so that the result is as natural as possible.

Step 2: Now trace the upper edge of the eyebrows and carefully paint in the eyebrows. Work in small, gentle movements to fill the brows as naturally as possible. This creates the illusion of fuller eyebrow hairs.

Step 3: Odd lines and errors can now be repaired with concealer. To do this, take up a little concealer with a small, flat brush and frame the eyebrows. Then hide the concealer towards the eye.

Step 4: Finally, the repainted eyebrows can be fixed with an eyebrow gel or wax so that they keep their shape all day long.

Make up Smokey Eye with 4 easy steps

A very classic, but always popular make-up look is the Smokey Eye. Smokey Eyes are elegant and are suitable for any type of evening event - be it a party or a business event. With these instructions you make up the perfect Smokey Eyes step by step:

Step 1:Apply an eyeshadow primer to the entire eyelid and prime with a light, matte eyeshadow.

Step 2:Emphasize the outer corner with a dark eyeshadow and blend the color with a v-shaped blending brush into the crease of the eyelid.

Step 3:Apply a light, shimmering shade on the inner two thirds of the movable eyelid and blend the transition to the dark eyeshadow slightly. Now emphasize the inner corner and the area under the eyebrow with the light eyeshadow.

Step 4:For perfect smokey eyes, apply an eyeliner on the lash line and on the waterline as desired and wash the lashes with mascara. False eyelashes can also be glued on.

How do I make up my eyes to match my eye shape?

Make up almond-shaped eyes


Almond-shaped eyes can be emphasized with almost any makeup. But especially eyeliner with an elegant wing fits this eye shape very well. For the perfect cat eye look, simply choose a liquid or gel liner and carefully frame the eye. The length and width of the eyeliner can be varied as desired. Would you prefer a more unusual look? With a colorful eyeliner, complementary to your eye color, almond-shaped eyes come into their own even more. The mascara can be applied to the outside to increase the effect.

Make up big eyes

If you are blessed with big eyes, you do not need elaborate make-up to highlight this eye shape. Since dark eyeliner or kohl pencil can make the eyes look a little smaller, it is particularly good for big eyes. The resulting contrast with the eye color defines the eyes great. A little highlighter in the middle of the eyelid and in the corner of the eye ensures an open view. Inking the eyelashes completes the make-up look.

how do I make up little eyes bigger


To make small eyes look bigger, there are a few very simple tricks and make-up tips. Since dark colors and wide lines visually reduce the size of the eye, you should rather do without a wide, dark eyeliner. Instead, light tones and highlighters open the eye and make it appear larger. To do this, you first select a bright kohl and apply it to the lower water line. In addition, the inner corner of the eye can be emphasized with a bright, shimmering shade of eyeshadow.

Highlight deep-set eyes

With deep-set eyes, it can help to optically highlight the eyes with light tones. For this, shimmering eyeshadow is applied in a light shade on the eyelid. If you want to make up an eyeliner with eyeliner or kajal, you should avoid very dark colors. These make the eyes smaller and counteract the bright eyeshadow. Therefore, choose a rather soft shade, such as brown, dark green or gray, to frame the eyes. Here, too, the inner corner of the eye can be emphasized with a highlighter.

How can I conceal droop eyelids?

To make eyes look larger and more open with droopy eyelids, there are also a few great makeup tips and tricks. In the case of drooping eyelids, the movable lid is barely visible when the eyes are open and the crease is very far down. This also optically pulls the eye down and looks smaller. To counteract this, a bright, shimmering eyeshadow is first applied to the movable eyelid. Then the eyelid crease is shaded with a dark tone. Care should now be taken here that the dark colors are not blended down too far with the brush. Optionally, the dark color can also be placed slightly above the eyelid crease so that the eyelid crease is visually pulled upward. If you still want to wear an eyeliner, it should start very narrow on the inside and widen outwards. So the drooping eyelids can be covered like a professional. In addition, the eyelashes highlight the eyes again.

Make up narrowed eyes wider

If you find that your eyes are too close to each other, you can easily help with a few make-up tips and tricks. So that the eyes look further apart, light-dark contrasts should be used. To do this, apply bright, shimmering eyeshadow to the inner two thirds of the lid and blend slightly upwards with a brush. The outer third can now be emphasized with a dark eye shadow, for example a matt brown, gray or even black. Blend the colors outwards rather than inwards so that the eyes are “pulled apart” optically. The eyeliner or kohl line should also start in the middle of the lash line and then run outwards with a beautiful wing.

How do I make up eyes that are far apart?

If, on the other hand, your eyes are rather far apart and you want to cheat them more optically, you can use the reverse make-up technique with these instructions. Here the inner area of ​​the eyelid should now be shaded darker. The eyeliner can also be pulled up to the corner of the eye or even beyond. The line should narrow towards the outside and the wing should be kept as short as possible. Make sure that the line runs very close to the lash line. The area under the eyebrows can now be highlighted with a shimmering eyeshadow in a light shade.

Make-up tips for a harmonious face shape and a beautiful complexion

Make-up tips for a harmonious face shape and a beautiful complexion. When the eyes are emphasized to match their shape, it is time for the face. Again, there are a few practical tips that can be used to match the shape of the face. For example, you can make your face narrower or make your cheekbones stand out with makeup. For foundation, a foundation and a concealer should be applied first. These products beautify the skin and create an even base. Both are then fixed with a powder at will. If this is still not enough to cover up your dark circles, here are some great tips against dark circles and bags under the eyes. Contouring can now begin. If you have a rather round or wide face, contouring your cheekbones can help. Contour products or bronzers are both liquid and powder. For perfect contours, apply the bronzer directly under the cheekbones and blend upwards. So the face looks narrower. Depending on the shape of the face, the contour product can also be used to define the chin and hairline. For a fresh glow, blush and highlighter are now used for the cheeks. Both products are also available as powder, but also in liquid form. The blush not only brings color to the face, but can also be used for a kind of contouring, the so-called draping. You can shape your lips by first edging your lips with a lip liner and then filling them with the matching lipstick.

Short take-away of the blog post

There are different make-up techniques for different eye and face shapes, which you can use to highlight your eye color, among other things. For example, you can choose an eye shadow in the complementary color to your eye color to make it shine. Remember to pull the eyeliner close to your lash line. In addition, you can emphasize the lower edge of your eyelid and the waterline by drawing a kohl line with a charcoal pencil. Another tip is to emphasize the inner corner of the eye with a bright shimmering eyeshadow, which makes the eyes look more awake and more radiant. On the eyelid, it makes sense to create a basis for your eye makeup with a neutral tone, for example a brown tone or similar shades. Here you can find the right eyeshadow brush, as well as eyeshadow palettes, online at Kosmetik4less. After you have washed your eyelashes with mascara, you have the option of emphasizing your makeup look with false eyelashes.

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