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Clean and store False Lashes

In our last blog posts we have shown you how to find the perfect lash to your eye shape and how to apply it correctly. Now we show you how to clean the wrong lashes thoroughly so that they last a long time. The eyelash glue and mascara will put a lot of strain on the false lashes. With the right care, you can use the eyelash extension much more often than just for one evening.

Who doesn't know it: the used eyelash is put on the bedside table half asleep after the party and found again under the slippers after a week. This is of course very annoying, because you cannot use this eyelash afterwards. In our blog post and in our YouTube video we give you tips and tricks on how best to store and also clean your lashes - with the right care you can use them again up to 20 times! However, cleaning and reapplying the lashes is only suitable for eyelash tapes. With professional eyelash extensions, new lashes are used with each application. The following products are needed to clean the fake lashes:

Before - After - Let your lashes shine in a new light

On the first picture you can see an eyelash that has already been worn. Besides the glue residues, it also shows residues of mascara. The lash on the second picture has already been cleaned and looks like new! Now learn how to clean your false lashes properly:

Step 1: Clean your lashes - use brush or make-up cleaner

The first step is to prepare a glass of lukewarm water and add some brush cleaner or eye make-up remover. In this case we have used the Antibacterial Brush Cleanser. But also a micelle water or other cleaning products remove the residues like eyelash glue, eyeliner and mascara from the artificial lashes without any problems.

Step 2: Leave lashes to take effect

Now you can put the lashes into the mixture so that they are completely surrounded by it. Leave to take effect for several hours or overnight. This will allow the glue to come off slowly without damaging the artificial lashes.

Step 3: Remove the glue

Afterwards you can take them out of the water again and carefully remove the remaining adhesive residues with tweezers. Hold the lashes as tightly as possible so that no individual hairs are torn out. If the hairs are unintentionally removed from the fake lashes, they will look patchy and uneven and the effect of a great eye-opening will fade.

Step 4: Remove mascara

To remove the mascara residue, it is best to use a small brush, for example from an eyebrow pencil, and glide it from the eyelash line outwards over the lashes. By carefully combing from the lash line to the tips, all traces of make-up are removed. Alternatively, cotton wool pads or cotton buds can be used.

Store eyelashes

When the lashes are now cleaned, they should be brought back into shape. In most cases it is sufficient to attach the lashes to the original packaging at the lash line. Let them dry and store them in a suitable package. If the hairs of the eyelash extensions have lost their curl after drying, they can be bent with eyelash curler and thus easily shaped. For ideal storage, both the original packaging and our practical eyelash box are suitable. Due to the round shape, the lashes can be placed there and will not lose their shape. The advantage of the eyelash box: here you can directly store 3 different pairs of eyelashes and because of the integrated mirror it is also perfect for make-up on the go.

Fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions and the suitable accessories for storage and care of the extensions can now be found at kosmetik4less. In addition, we offer a large selection of make-up for eyes, face and lips as well as skin care and products to remove make-up.


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