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Festival Makeup Tips & Tricks + Colorful Eyelashes DIY

1. Clever packing

The size of the luggage and thus the storage space for makeup is often rather limited when packing for a festival. That's why clever packing is required! It's best to think in advance which looks you want to make-up and which products you need! Are your looks mostly colorful? Then grab a single pallet with as many bright colors as you can. Ideal for this is the Mischief Mattes range from Revolution Pro!

To save space, for example, fill Foundation in small travel sizes. Even the tools require minimalism - which brush do I really need? For example, if you are using products for your base, your contouring, or even blush cream products, you might want to try all those products with your Beauty Sponge, such as the BeautyBlender! So you just pack a tool for several steps of your look! So that all your treasures survive the festival, stash your makeup well packaged between soft materials such as clothing or towels and ideally put them back there after use.

2. Strong hold - all day!

Sun, heat, crowds, loud music and a lot of dancing and celebrating - then each of us will eventually start to sweat! Therefore, it is essential to create everything for a perfect durability when creating your look! Start with a primer that suits your skin type. Ideal for a lot of sweating is a matte primer such as the Matte Primer from Revolution Pro. It keeps your makeup looking better and keeps your skin looking greasy throughout the day. If you use glitter think of a good primer! You can find Glitter Primer in our shop for example from Makeup Revolution and LASplash. Finally, the ideal fixing spray should keep your makeup in place. The Extra Hold Fixing Spray by Makeup Revolution has been specially created to make your look look perfect even in heat and sweat!

3. The eye-catcher - colorful eyelashes DIY

To stand out among thousands of people with their own look is not that easy! I show you today a little DIY with which you spice up your look in no time and so lift you from the crowd. Because who does not know: you have found the perfect pair of eyelashes, the absolute favorite fits perfectly to the eye shape, has the ideal shape and length and can also attach even in sleep perfectly. But somehow the black lashes are not conspicuous enough for a festival? With the help of a colorful eyeliner, every eyelashes can be turned into an eye-catcher! Remove the eyelashes from the packaging and place them on a small cloth. Carefully apply hair by hair to the liner with a small brush on the eyelashes. Ideal for this is, for example, the Detail Liner Brush by LeniBrush. You can now decide completely free. Do I just want to dye the tips or directly the whole eyelashes? Of course, several colors can be used to create, for example, a rainbow! It is important that the eyeliner has an intense color and a high opacity. The BodyLiner by LA Splash are particularly suitable for this. Wait until the liner has completely dried on the eyelashes and your personal Festival Lashes are done!


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