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Revolution Pro is part of Revolution Beauty and offers professional products at low prices, along with Revolution, I Heart Revolution and Obsession. Developed on the basis of 28 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, the British brand delivers the highest possible quality at an affordable price. Revolution Pro places great emphasis on trends and innovation, but also on the classics that no cosmetic bag should be without. Especially for professional artists many products are offered with a good mixture of quality and innovation. Revolution Pro's range includes classic staples such as lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, foundations and concealers, as well as eye shadows, eyeliners and eyebrow products, which are not only available in ordinary colours, but also in special, eye-catching and trendy colours. In addition, Revolution Beauty, including Revolution Pro, of course, 100% abstains from animal testing of any kind. The majority of products are also vegan. You can now order the trendy and high-quality Revolution Pro products from kosmetik4less in Germany at reasonable prices.


A perfect complexion with Revolution Pro products

Revolution Pro offers professional products for little money. The young brand's range includes a number of products that guarantee a perfect complexion. Various primers are available for the ideal preparation for foundation and concealer, which level the skin and counteract various skin problems. Whether reddened skin, a pale complexion, enlarged pores or dry areas - the selection of primers from Revolution Pro offers products for a wide range of needs. Primers are also available specifically for the sensitive eye area.

Once the skin has been prepared, all unwanted irregularities, redness and colour differences can now be concealed with a foundation and the appropriate concealer as required. Revolution Pro offers two different products for this purpose. On the one hand, the range contains Foundation Drops, a very liquid and therefore light foundation, which is particularly suitable for dry skin and leaves a natural finish. As the product is very easy to build up, different results can be achieved from light to very opaque. Ideally, the Foundation Drops should be applied with the appropriate Revolution Pro brush. As a second option, the range includes the Full Cover Camouflage Foundation, a creamy foundation with the highest possible opacity and a smooth, natural-looking finish. Both Revolution Pro Foundations are very affordable and available in a wide range of colours. 18 different colours for different skin tones make the search for the perfect foundation much easier. If you still can't find the ideal shade, Revolution Pro offers four different Foundation Mixers that lighten, darken, warm up or glow each foundation as needed. Matching the Full Cover Foundation, the range also includes 18 colours of the Full Cover Camouflage Concealer, which specifically corrects impurities or other flaws and can be combined with any foundation.


From natural and subtle to excitingly dramatic and glittering - a complete eye makeup with Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro offers many different products to create a beautiful eye makeup. To prepare the eyelids for the eye shadow there are different primers to choose from. In addition to classic, colourless eye shadow primers from a small tube, there are the Eye Elements. These are creamy eye shadow primers in a jar, which not only smooth the skin and make eye shadow adhere better, but also give off additional colour and can therefore be easily combined with other eye shadows with a similar colour scheme. In our online shop you will also find various eye shadow pallets from Revolution Pro, with which you can create any look you like. The Regeneration palettes are available in different colour combinations, among which you can find the right product for every type and every occasion. Some of the pallets are in a natural colour scheme. The earth tones included flatter every type and are suitable for both natural and dramatic looks. If you want more colour, Revolution Pro is for you. In addition to the more natural palettes, other eye shadow palettes are available in colourful and unusual combinations. However, not only the colours, but also the finishes of the eye shadows within the palettes vary greatly, so that various looks can be made up. In addition, one or the other palette can be found, the colour combination of which is strongly reminiscent of high-end products.

In addition to the already assembled eye shadow palettes, Revolution Pro offers different sets with individual eye shadow refills, which can be combined in any of the three offered empty palettes. Here you can find sets with neutral, but also colourful colours, up to eye shadow with a strong glitter finish.

To complete the eye makeup, the Revolution Pro range also includes various eyeliners that can be used to create the perfect wing or simply conjure up a Smokey Eye. There are also different colours to choose from. In addition, products are available to fill the eyebrows and give them shape and definition. With a Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil small hairs can be painted on and the eyebrows can be condensed in a natural way. The eyebrow pomade by Revolution Pro, in combination with a matching brush, helps to create the perfect Insta-Brow, which is indispensable for a dramatic eye makeup. The Eyebrow Cushions are also applied with a brush and can fill the eyebrows discreetly and naturally as well as more strikingly and strikingly.


The perfect Glow and the ideal lip color

All you need for a perfect makeup is the perfect glow and a beautiful lip colour. Revolution Pro also offers many high-quality products for this, which are nevertheless very affordable. The different highlighter palettes contain several colours that can be applied alone or in combination. The matching highlighter gives a great effect on the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. The different palettes are available in both lighter and darker combinations that match different skin tones. Revolution Pro also offers refill sets for highlighting and contouring, each of which contains three different colours and can be combined as desired in the empty pallets.

For the lips there is a primer in the Revolution Pro range which cares for the lips and prepares them ideally for one colour. For the perfect colour, classic lipsticks are available in countless colours such as red, pink and nude. If a normal lipstick is not sufficient and a longer lasting finish is desired, Supreme Matte Lip Pigments are ideal. The liquid lipsticks give the lips a long-lasting finish in exciting colours. In addition to classic shades, extraordinary colours such as blue, gold, black and white are also available. These colours can be used to create extraordinary artistic looks.


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