Rude Cosmetics - the trend brand from the USA

The young, modern brand from beautiful, sunny Los Angeles lives up to its name. With their high-quality, innovative and trendy products, they mix the beauty world with colourful eye shadow palettes, shimmering highlighters and glittering liquid eye shadow. And all this packed into a creative and unique design. It immediately catches the eye and will definitely remain in your memory with its unusual design. With the cosmetic products from Rude Cosmetics you won't miss a single trend and are always up to date. A young, trendy brand that wants to make a statement with its products and enables beauty lovers, regardless of type or character, to show their personality and attitudes with style. With makeup products from Rude Cosmetics, you can play with your creativity and create a great, individual, perhaps even courageous or wild look to make your personality shine. No matter what look you want to make up, with these products there are no limits.


Give your eyes a unique look with Rude Cosmetics eye shadows.

In the assortment of the American trend brand you will find cool, colourful eye shadow pallets as well as a large selection of liquid eye shadow. These are filled with great glitter particles and create a beautiful, glamorous glitter effect on your eyelid. With these glitter eye shadows you are the eye-catcher at every party. Would you like to create a particularly glamorous and noble look? Then the Liquid Eyeshadow in the colours Starburst, Stellar or After Glow and Supernova are perfect. With gold, bronze, and silver, glossy colors they match any festive outfit and give your look the last icing on the cake of glamour. Are you looking for a more unusual colour? You'll also find it in the liquid eye shadows from Rude Comsetics. From the bright blue, rosy to the shimmering green colors - here you can find the perfect color. In the eye shadow set Star Party Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow you have 13 colours in one package and can create great, creative looks with them.

And if you can't find your colour in the glittering liquid eyeshadows, you're sure to find it in the many eye shadow palettes. Whether for the everyday look, for a cocktail party or for a lot of drama - with the palettes from Rude Cosmetics you are prepared for every situation and of course with style.

Have you always wanted to feel like a superhero? Then the Eyeshadow Palette The Badass RudeGirl is perfect. The palette offers 35 different shades, from earthy and neutral to colorful, for a wide selection of great, bold and wild looks. And the cool, comic-book-like design adds an extra touch. Who can claim to have a comic book full of eye shadow on their bookshelf? With the Badass Rude Girl Palette you can do it. This eye shadow palette belongs to a special edition series with a total of six different books. For all palettes you can choose from 35 different colours. The Rude Awakening palette, for example, gives you a choice of neutral and earthy tones for a cool and mysterious look. The Twinkle In Her Eyeshadows palette gives your eye a great expression with shimmering, slightly more colourful tones. With the Fairytale eye shadow palette, you can conjure imaginative and fairytale looks from beautiful red and brown tones, for example.

Another special eyeshadow collection from Rude Cosmetics is the Cocktail Party series. Whether Margarita Azul, Dirty Mother or Screwdriver - the hottest and most popular cocktails are represented here. Each palette contains 12 beautiful matt and glittering colours, naturally matching the cocktail.

You're not a fan of too many pallets? Then the Leopardina palette is just right for you! This eye shadow and highlighter palette combines 12 beautiful eye shadow colours and four different highlighters in one palette.


Make your face shine with the highlights from Rude Cosmetics

With the highlighter palettes and individual highlighters from Rude Cosmetics you can give your face a wonderful glow effect and make it glow. With the shimmering gold tones and rosy nuances from the highlighter range Unicorn Fantasies and the heavenly glittering colours from the Angelic Glow Highlighter & Eye Shadow range you can enhance your look and make it shine. You can also use the beautiful colours from the Angelic Glow palette for your eye shadow.


Spoil your face with masks and care products from Rude Cosmetics

With the Skin Care products you can fight pimples and impurities on your forehead. With the moisturizing Bubblelicious Lip Exfoliator, your lips are freed from dryness and annoying dead skin cells in record time. The lip care thus creates a soft base for the application of your lipstick.


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