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The Tangle Teezer is also called the silver bullet under the hairbrush. Because Tangle Teezer is not an ordinary hairbrush. But the eye-catching design with its bright colors and trendy names such as "Gold Rush", "Pink Fizz", "Rock Star" or "Blueberry Pop" makes this clear. But at Tangle Teezer include not only the exterior, the inner values ​​provide the grandiose difference: The brush unraveled and endknotet without pain and protects thereby the hair structure.

2003 has begun in London

The innovative mind behind the Tangle Teezer is the Englishman Shaun P. Early in his career he worked in several salons in London. One day he looked at it as an employee had much trouble to brush the hair of a customer. He described the sight presented with the words, the colleague had "hacked" with the brush in the hair of the customer. An Inspiration had detected him immediately, because this would still go easier. This was the birth of Tangle Teezer .

The perfect hair brush for each

Shaun P developed after this experience a Tangle Teezer, which is ideal for all hair types. Whether thick or thin, long or short, wet or dry hair to be cared for - there is always the perfect brush. What is the secret of Tangle Teezer? The secret of this so-called "silver bullet among hairbrushes" as the Tangle Teezer is called in scene circles often, lies in the different lengths of bristles. These protect the sensitive outer sheath of the hair. Characterized the internal hair structure is not damaged. This has the result that the hair is less entangled and less prone to split ends. Dullness and breakage are a thing of the past. The different lengths of bristles are also very thin and slide in this way gently through his hair. The additional flexibility of the bristles nodes are dissolved gently and carefully. The word "hair" gets a whole new meaning by the award-winning Tangle Teezer. Convince yourself of it, and check the your Tangle Teezer in our online shop from.

Easy brush in any situation

Is there a Tangle Teezer for wet hair ? Yes, the Aqua Splash is the latest innovation from Tangle Teezer. It is the first-grip, aqua-affine and entknotende hairbrush. Internal hollow, lightweight and edgeless design slides Aquasplash brush just so through wet hair. Shampoo, swimming pool, beach or spa are no longer a challenge. Once our hair is faced with water, Aqua Splash to the rescue! Tangle Teezer are combing the innovation in hair. The brush untangle themselves wet hair so gently that it does not even twinge. This is good for the hair and good for you. And what's with curly hair? Here too there is a suitable Tangle Teezer. The Thick & Curly is especially suited for dense, curly hair. The extra long and extra thick bristles du bändigst each lion's mane. To protect your hair even further you can use the invisibobble . Also they are gentle to your hair and prevent cancel. And if you like to try a whole new look do you want to find the right wigs in our online shop.


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